ASP Clinical Tools Database - Suggestions for Use

Using Filters

The database can be searched using one or more of the following filters. Each filter can be used alone or in combination with other filters.

  • Clinical Setting. Find tools applicable to the clinical settings that interest you. A tool may be linked to more than one clinical setting. 
  • Tool Type. Choose from more than 20 types of tools, such as dosing guidelines, educational materials, formularies and restriction lists, and prophylaxis and treatment guidelines. 
  • Infection Category. Find tools applicable to specific anatomic sites of infection (eg, pneumonia, skin and soft-tissue infections) or specific pathogens (eg, Clostridium difficile). 
  • Source Organization. Find tools by the organization or agency that created the tool. 
  • Organization Type. Find tools by the type of organization that created the tool. Types of organizations include academic health systems, professional organizations, hospital associations, and public health agencies. 

Features to note when using the filters:

  • When you initially select a filter, all of the categories applicable to that filter will appear. You can then select categories within each filter to narrow your search.
  • Each tool is linked to at least one category within each of the filters and may be linked to more than one category within a filter.
  • Once you have selected one or more categories from one or more filters, a box will appear near the top left of your screen that indicates the specific categories you have applied to your search.
  • If you want to delete a category from your search, you can click the “x” inside the red circle and your search will automatically expand.
  • When you select a category from one of the filters, you'll notice a limited number of options in that filter and in the other filters. That's because choices are narrowed to only categories that are mutually linked to the tools within the category you selected.

Using the Search Box:

  • Tools are linked to key words found in the title of the tool. In addition, we have manually applied key words to each of the tools. This database does not use full-text search.
  • If you have filters selected and then add a key word search, your filters will be lost and the results will apply only to the key word. However, you can use the key word search first and then narrow the search with additional filters. 

Providing Feedback:

  • Please e-mail with any suggestions or comments.
  • If you are aware of additional tools that should be included in the database or ways we can improve the database, please let us know. 

Terms and Conditions:

  • All tools are publicly available online; we have aggregated available tools into this database as a service to our users.
  • CIDRAP-ASP does not own or endorse any of the tools in this database, and does not attest to their validity in clinical practice.

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