CIDRAP ASP Journal Club - March 2018

Alvarez-Uria G, Gandra S, Mandal S, et al. Global forecast of antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae in invasive isolates. Int J Infect Dis 2018 (published online Feb 2)

Foolad F, Huang AM, Nguyen CT, et al. A multicentre stewardship initiative to decrease excessive duration of antibiotic therapy for the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia. J Antimicrob Chemother 2018 (published online Feb 16)

Our journal club for March 2018 will focus on two studies that explore epidemiology and surveillance related to antimicrobial resistance and stewardship from global and local perspectives.

During March, we will host several activities that will provide you with opportunities to share your thoughts on these studies, consider the role infectious disease epidemiology might play in antimicrobial stewardship, ask questions about the methods and findings, and learn from others who are interested in discussing these issues.

There are multiple ways to participate!

Read the articles on global E coli and K pneumoniae surveillance and a US-based intervention to reduce antibiotic duration for community-acquired pneumonia

Download the slides for the Alvarez-Uria et al study modeling global E coli and K pneumoniae resistance rates (in PDF or PowerPoint format) and the Foolad et al study evaluating an antimicrobial stewardship intervention on duration of therapy for community-acquired pneumonia in three hospitals (in PDF or PowerPoint format). Please feel free to use the slide sets to discuss findings with students or colleagues.

Join us on Twitter to follow conversations from our Mar 23 in-person journal club, which we'll hold in conjunction with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health Student Infectious Disease Journal Club. We'll live-tweet discussions and questions from the journal club on Mar 23 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm CDT, and all are welcome to participate using the hashtag #ASPJournalClub and our handle (@CIDRAP_ASP).

Comment on the study or on any issue you feel is important to the topic of epidemiology and surveillance in antimicrobial stewardship. Comments are submitted via e-mail and posted when appropriate to ensure a respectful conversation.


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