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Dec 17, 2014

Dec 17, 2014

Ebola total tops 18,000, with hints of slowing in Sierra Leone

Case counts vary, but progress is being made toward the UN goal of isolating & treating, and safely burying where necessary, all Ebola patients.

Dec 17, 2014

News Scan for Dec 17, 2014

More Salmonella from sprouts
Plasma pathogen removal
Avian flu in Washington
H5N1 death in Egypt
Saudi MERS cases
Dec 17, 2014

Biosecurity Scan for Dec 17, 2014

Next steps on GOF policy
More misplaced microbes found

Dec 16, 2014

Dec 16, 2014

H5N2, H5N8 avian flu viruses surface in US

The appearance of two highly pathogenic strains in Washington state raises questions about possible connections with outbreaks in Canada and Europe.

Dec 16, 2014

CDC assessment cites rural gaps in Liberia's battle with Ebola

A report in MMWR details challenges investigation teams in West Africa have faced.

Dec 16, 2014

News Scan for Dec 16, 2014

New Saudi MERS cases
West Nile virus in Brazil
Avian flu in seals
Iran: Coronavirus in camels

Dec 15, 2014

Dec 15, 2014

Sierra Leone announces holiday ban, response surge

The nation announced a ban on Christmas and New Years' festivities and a month-long response surge.

Dec 15, 2014

Experts debate research pause, gain-of-function issues

One mBio editorial defends federal pause, while another calls its language too vague.

Dec 15, 2014

News Scan for Dec 15, 2014

Chikungunya cases top 1 million
Food safety funding
Dec 15, 2014

Flu Scan for Dec 15, 2014

H5N2 hits 2 more farms in BC
H5 in Vietnam birds
Quadrivalent flu vaccine approved


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