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Mar 13, 2003

Mar 13, 2003

WHO issues alert over atypical pneumonia outbreaks in Asia

(CIDRAP News) – The World Health Organization has issued an alert over outbreaks of severe respiratory illness, including atypical pneumonia, that it has been investigating since mid-February in Vietnam, Hong Kong, and mainland China.

Aug 05, 2005

Aug 05, 2005

Pigs and people in China continue to fall ill from puzzling disease

(CIDRAP News) – Reports from China today put the number of human cases of the baffling disease spreading through pigs in several areas at high as 212, with some 134 people still hospitalized and at least 14 considered critical. The number of deaths so far stands at 38.

Jul 05, 2012

Jul 05, 2012

Study maps zoonotic disease burden, hot spots

(CIDRAP News) – A review and mapping study to gauge the burden of zoonotic diseases found that Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, and India are four top hot spots and that a surging demand for livestock products will likely fuel the spread of several diseases.

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