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Mar 16, 2005

Mar 16, 2005

FDA issues warning on raw-milk soft cheeses

Editor's note: Based on a Food and Drug Administration news release, the original version of this story incorrectly listed Ranchero as one type of soft cheese that may be made from raw milk The FDA later issued a clarification saying that Ranchero is a trademark of the Cacique Co. of Industry, Calif., for a cheese made with pasteurized milk.

Mar 17, 2005

Mar 17, 2005

Raw-milk cheese implicated in 35 TB cases

(CIDRAP News) – This week's health warnings about soft cheeses made from unpasteurized milk were based on 35 recent cases of tuberculosis in New York City that are believed to have been linked to raw-milk products.

Dec 21, 2005

Dec 21, 2005

E coli outbreak in Washington blamed on raw milk

(CIDRAP News) – An outbreak of Escherichia coli O157:H7 cases in Washington state has sickened up to 18 people, most of them children, and triggered renewed warnings about drinking raw milk.

A report in the Portland Oregonian newspaper today said 18 people, including 15 children younger than 13, are believed to have been infected with E coli O157:H7 after drinking raw milk from Dee Creek Farm near Woodland, Wash.

Mar 28, 2006

Mar 28, 2006

New vaccine approach relies on weakened Listeria

(CIDRAP News) – Researchers have announced a new approach to making a vaccine for the foodborne illness listeriosis that may also bode well for fighting certain other infections, including salmonellosis and tuberculosis.

Mar 16, 2009

Mar 16, 2009

Obama names FDA chief, creates food safety panel

(CIDRAP News) – President Barack Obama has promised that his new commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Dr. Margaret Hamburg, and a new cabinet-level panel will revitalize the federal government's food safety efforts in the wake of a troubling string of foodborne disease outbreaks.


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