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Oct 21, 2013

Oct 21, 2013
Baby bottle feeding

Survey shows human milk bought online often tainted

Study says online-obtained human milk often harbors high levels of pathogenic bacteria.

Oct 18, 2013

Oct 18, 2013
Shanchol cholera vaccine

Cholera vaccine yields 5-year protection, finds acceptance

Study shows 65% efficacy against severe disease for 5 years, and another shows good acceptance.

Oct 18, 2013

Work resumes at federal public health agencies

Key public health tasks, like flu surveillance, science communication, and lab testing, have resumed.

Oct 18, 2013

News Scan for Oct 18, 2013

MERS patient owns camels
More Salmonella cases
Polio vaccination in Sudan
Gene-silencing antibacterial
Oct 18, 2013

Flu Scan for Oct 18, 2013

Google Flu Trends flaws
CDC sees little flu activity

Oct 17, 2013

Oct 17, 2013

Study: In UK, 1 in 2,000 may carry vCJD protein

An abnormal protein linked to vCJD may be more common than expected in the UK.

Oct 17, 2013

News Scan for Oct 17, 2013

MERS case in Qatar
Limited flu vaccine impact in seniors
Potential flu drug
Feces odor as flu marker in ducks

Oct 16, 2013

Oct 16, 2013
Child coughing into sleeve

Spotty data suggest slow start to US flu season

Non-CDC US flu indicators show little sign of rising flu activity.

Oct 16, 2013

News Scan for Oct 16, 2013

Anthrax attack first response
Poliovirus in Israel
Oct 16, 2013

Avian Flu Scan for Oct 16, 2013

WHO confirms H7N9 case
H7N9 transmission
H7N2 in Australia


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