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Nov 28, 2005

Nov 28, 2005

Two human H5N1 cases noted; poultry outbreaks expand

(CIDRAP News) – Two more human cases of H5N1 avian influenza have been confirmed in recent days in Vietnam and Indonesia, while poultry outbreaks are spreading in China and Romania.

Nov 23, 2005

Nov 23, 2005

Experts doubt China can vaccinate all its poultry

(CIDRAP News) – China's ambitious goal of vaccinating all its poultry against H5N1 avian influenza may be impossible and could even backfire by helping to spread the virus, according to experts quoted in recent news reports.

Chinese officials announced Nov 15 the aim of vaccinating the country's estimated current stock of 5.2 billion poultry, most of which are in small backyard flocks. Officials said China raises 14 billion birds annually.

Nov 23, 2005

H5 avian flu in Russian swans, another infected farm in British Columbia

(CIDRAP News) – About 250 wild swans died of an H5 avian flu virus infection on the Volga River delta in southern Russia, according to an Agence France-Presse (AFP) report yesterday that cited Russian news agencies. Tests to determine if the strain was H5N1 had not been completed.

As a result of the swan die-off, a quarantine was being enforced in an area near the city of Astrakhan, AFP reported.

Nov 23, 2005

China, Vietnam report more cases of avian flu

(CIDRAP News) – A 35-year-old woman who died Tuesday in China's Anhui province had the third confirmed human case of H5N1 avian influenza in China, according to Xinhua, the country's government news service.

Nov 22, 2005

Nov 22, 2005

Briton has second vCJD case found in US

(CIDRAP News) – A second case of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) has been reported in a US resident, although American authorities said he is thought to have contracted the illness in his native Britain.

Nov 22, 2005

Nov 22, 2005

CDC updating disease-control rules affecting travelers

(CIDRAP News) – Federal health officials today proposed rule changes to make it easier for public health authorities to keep travelers from bringing infectious diseases into the United States or spreading them between states.

Nov 21, 2005

Nov 21, 2005

Indonesia says man died of H5N1; China to speed reporting

(CIDRAP News) – Preliminary tests indicate H5N1 avian influenza caused the death of a 35-year-old Indonesian man in Jakarta on Nov 19, according to a government official quoted today in the Jakarta Post.

However, Indonesia is awaiting confirmation from a World Health Organization (WHO) reference laboratory of what would be the country's eighth fatality from avian flu. WHO has already confirmed 11 cases, seven of them fatal, in Indonesia.

Nov 21, 2005

Avian flu viruses in Canada not dangerous, officials say

(CIDRAP News) – Canadian officials said yesterday they would destroy all the poultry on a British Columbia farm where a duck was found to be carrying a low-pathogenic H5 avian influenza virus.

That announcement came 2 days after the Canadian government reported the identification of a low-pathogenic strain of H5N1 virus in wild birds in Manitoba and other flu viruses in wild birds in British Columbia and Quebec.

Nov 18, 2005

Nov 18, 2005

USDA to prolong expanded BSE testing program

(CIDRAP News) – The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) plans to keep its expanded testing program for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) going indefinitely instead of scaling it back at the end of this year, according to recent reports.

Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns said he wants the department to continue testing about 1,000 cattle a day, according to a Nov 12 Associated Press (AP) report.

Nov 18, 2005

Nov 18, 2005

US, other countries report E coli cases in recent months

(CIDRAP News) – Numerous Escherichia coli O157:H7 outbreaks have occurred in Great Britain, France, and the United States in the past 2 months.

According to news sources, approximately 200 infections and one death have been reported to health authorities. In most cases, local outbreak control teams have found mass-produced contaminated meat to be the cause, and they are working to set strict guidelines to limit the contagion.


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