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Nov 15, 2007

Nov 15, 2007

THE PANDEMIC VACCINE PUZZLE Can we vaccinate enough people in time to matter?

Maryn McKennaContributing Writer

(CIDRAP News) – This in-depth article investigates the prospects for development of vaccines to head off the threat of an influenza pandemic posed by the H5N1 avian influenza virus. Its seven parts put advances in vaccine technology in perspective by illuminating the formidable barriers to producing an effective and widely usable vaccine in a short time frame.

Jun 17, 2005

Jun 17, 2005

IDSA says US antiviral supply for flu falls far short

(CIDRAP News) – The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) is calling the US government's stockpile of antiviral drugs "totally inadequate" in the face of a potential influenza pandemic.

Mar 17, 2004

Mar 17, 2004

Benign rashes seen in first-time smallpox vaccinees

(CIDRAP News) – Nine out of 250 people who received their first smallpox shots in a recent study reacted with a variety of self-limiting skin rashes, a side effect that could be mistaken for a serious reaction to the vaccine, according to a report in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

Dec 11, 2002

Dec 11, 2002

Infectious disease experts oppose smallpox shots for public

(CIDRAP News) – The 7,000-member Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) has urged President Bush not to make smallpox vaccine available to the public for now, on grounds that serious reactions to it could undermine public confidence in the shots and in other immunizations as well.

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