Gripe Pandemica Fotonovela

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A fotonovela developed by North Carolina Division of Public Health teaches Spanish-reading individuals about pandemic influenza (gripe pandemica). A fotonovela is a comic-style novel that uses photos instead of illustrations, and the Gripe Pandemica Fotonovela tells a brief story about personal preparedness in Spanish. The story and pictures feature a boy who is telling his parents about the pandemic flu preparedness information he has learned in school. He teaches them about several key issues, including: the difference between pandemic and seasonal influenza; the current lack of vaccine for a pandemic strain; how to build an emergency kit containing canned food, a portable radio, bottled water, and powder milk; how to compile a first aid kit; and that his parents should stay home from work when they're ill.

The fotonovela promotes all-hazards preparedness as a framework for which items to stockpile, yet emphasizes important aspects of pandemic influenza as a specific hazard. The practice is noteworthy, because both its format and language are a means to provide educational outreach to Spanish readers. The fotonovela is also concise and entertaining, while providing valuable information on pandemic influenza, personal preparedness, and risk communication within a family.

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