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The Push Partner Registry (PPR) is a five-county public health partnership with community-based organizations to dispense medications to at-risk populations during an emergency. The intent of the registry is to create a comprehensive database of regional private partners and community-based organizations that serve at-risk populations and are willing to serve as a private point-of-dispensing (POD) site during an emergency. Participating organizations receive several benefits from their involvement, including the opportunity to offer the medication to their clients, along with staff members and their families. The initiative may assist the entire community by reducing the number of citizens seeking medications at public dispensing sites.

Materials included as part of this practice include a guide to distribute to potential organizational partners, a sample database, a word document containing suggestions for printing and reproducing the kit materials, and answers to frequently asked questions. The "PPR Guide to Obtaining and Dispensing Medications to your Employees and Vulnerable Clients" focuses mainly on dispensing doxycycline during an anthrax emergency, but it could easily be adapted to other public health emergencies. The guide includes several materials to aid public health leaders in recruiting organizational partners and establishing a POD, including a cover letter, an enrollment form, a dispensing plan template, job action sheets, a sample POD intake form and flow chart, and a resource and reference list. The materials were developed at an especially opportune time, when many public health agencies are currently investigating alternate dispensing mode methods to reach vulnerable populations.

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