Ready or Not? Have a Plan

An interactive web site from Texas addresses several ways for families to plan for disasters. The site uses an all-hazards approach that covers a broad range of scenarios. Unfortunately, specific materials on pandemic influenza are limited to brief background information. However, many of the concepts on the site are important to include in pandemic preparedness activities. Strong materials include a customizable disaster plan and a pledge the site user takes to complete the plan by a certain date. The site also includes several materials relevant to children's needs, such as tips on how to introduce children to emergency contacts; visiting emergency meeting places; and insightful planning for children in the extended family. One reviewer thought this web site was the best personal and family preparedness tool available, and found it especially relevant to community and faith-based groups. The site's layout is easy to navigate and use, while thorough all-hazards information promote family preparedness for pandemics and other disasters.

The site requires users to register before they can view many of the materials. While registration is free, it does not allow the user to register from a county outside of Texas.

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