Risk Communications in Alexandria


The Risk Communications excerpt from the City of Alexandria's pandemic plan describes a sophisticated concept of operations for risk communications before, during, and after a pandemic. The city's approach to risk communications is based largely on Toronto's pandemic plan, and both plans identify a core information approval process as integral to their outreach efforts. Both plans articulate communications approaches based on WHO pandemic phase; receptive audience; and core goals, objectives, and strategies. The "outreach" section of the appendix is an example of the types of organizations that need to be considered as part of a comprehensive communications effort, although other municipalities would need to develop their own specific processes. The thoroughness of this document provides an excellent starting point for agencies that are beginning their communication plan, as well as a useful reference for agencies that want to assure their work is equally comprehensive. Alexandria's entire pandemic plan is an excellent reference for those who have an interest beyond the communications portion of the materials.

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