Public Health Practices

Public health planning group develops resources to help schools respond to H1N1

A planning group created tools for school nurses to educate children and parents, while monitoring and reporting respiratory illnesses during H1N1.

American Red Cross Student Chapter H1N1 Project

During two days at the beginning of the H1N1 outbreak in fall 2009, members of the Purdue Chapter of the American Red Cross, along with other student volunteers, distributed brief informational materials on H1N1 to students while riding CityBus vehicles on routes serving the campus. The students also gave passengers four ounce bottles of waterless hand sanitizer.

LAIV Express Lane

A large quantity of the vaccine South Carolina initially received consisted of live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV). LAIV is only licensed for use among non-pregnant, healthy persons 2 to 49 years of age. A significant portion of the target population for H1N1 vaccination, such as pregnant women and people with underlying health conditions, require injectable vaccine.

"When Words are Not Enough" communications training program for responders

A manual, communications booklet, and poster teach disaster responders simple ways to communicate with people who have disabilities.

Contagious Illness Precautions for the Transportation Industry

A brief, informational poster describes hand and cough hygiene and surface precautions that transportation departments can take against the spread of infectious disease. The poster uses a simple message that is easy to understand. One reviewer found the clear, easy-to-follow layout of the poster particularly noteworthy.

Posters help prevent flu in healthcare settings

Educational posters for primary care clinics and hospitals display mask use and influenza-related questions for patients and providers.

Alabama Pandemic Flu Poster

"Flu & You" is an educational poster from the Alabama Department of Public Health. The poster promotes hygiene and social distancing for influenza in general, and this focus is appropriate to pandemic preparedness. One reviewer described the poster as clear, direct, self-contained, and useful.

Under the Weather Posters

Three posters ask the question "Under the weather?" and provide basic hygiene tips to prevent colds and influenza. The content is straightforward: Stay home when you are sick; Cover your mouth and nose; Clean your hands; and Get your shots. Although the messages are basic, one reviewer noted that hygiene and staying home may be some of the only effective interventions during a pandemic.

Community Food Supply Outreach

A small, easily managed, and highly visible marketing project was achieved through a local health department's cooperative agreement with a grocery store. The health department's pandemic influenza planning committee coordinated a case lot sale of canned goods with the grocery store. Grocers placed lists of personal food stockpile items within the store.

Indiana "What If" Poster Campaign

A series of posters inspires people to think about potential lifestyle disruptions associated with a pandemic. Messages involve helping people to realize that restaurants, schools, and essential resources may be unavailable during a pandemic and encouraging them to plan accordingly, which is an appropriate message for a pre-pandemic period.

Santa Clara Risk Communication

Santa Clara County has developed a variety of risk communications materials. The materials are available in multiple languages and are consistently of very high quality. The execution of the messages is noteworthy, and the documents would serve as valuable templates for agencies that are beginning their pandemic risk communications.

Promotores for pandemic influenza

Promotores provide preparedness training and peer networks between El Paso, TX and Juarez, Mexico.

Is your business prepared for a pandemic or other public health emergency?

A PowerPoint presentation is part of a broader outreach project to enhance personal and community preparedness around pandemic influenza. The business portion identifies key issues and provides a balanced presentation of risk communications for businesses. The overview would be useful for state and local agencies that are beginning preparedness outreach to businesses.

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