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Improving biosurveillance after natural disasters: The Superstorm Sandy experience

After Superstorm Sandy made landfall in 2012, New York City used its surveillance system to monitor hospital evacuation and emerging health needs.

Florida uses dark site templates to prepare for internal and public communication during disasters

Florida created offline, customizable Web pages that allow communications staff to distribute fast, accurate information during an emergency.

Florida's virtual JIC creates a safe and effective work environment for communications responders

A virtual Joint Information Center (JIC) helps Florida keep agency staff safe as they keep the public informed of emergency events and precautions.

Curriculum for use during school closures supports continuity of education in Arizona

Education and health officials partnered to create a grade-specific 8-week curriculum in language arts and math to be used during school closures.

Child Protective Services preparedness leads to continuity of essential functions during H1N1

The Arizona Department of Economic Security worked to ensure that Child Protective Services' court hearings and hotline services would continue during an emergency.

H1N1 essential personnel recommendation

Purdue University developed a color-coded plan to determine employee access to campus during an emergency.

MHUB communication tool for students, staff, and faculty

During H1N1, the University of Wisconsin - Madison used an e-mail platform to manage emergency communication across campus.

Pandemic Influenza Response Team

The University of Minnesota Pandemic Influenza Response Plan is an annex to the broader campus emergency operations plan. The plan outlines specific response actions in 12 areas:

  • Officer of the Day (campus level official in charge)
  • Internal/External Coordination-Academic Health Center
  • Internal/External Coordination-Emergency Management
  • Communications
  • Campus Infrastructure
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Housing

Training for community agencies to plan for H1N1 and people with special needs

The Rhode Island Department of Health held a three-day training for community agencies serving people with functional needs during an emergency.

Agency emergency plan - COOP planning for CBOs

Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters (CARD) created an emergency planning guide for community-based organizations that describes staff preparedness and outreach to clientele.

Emergency preparedness toolkit for community health centers and community practice sites

Columbia University's Emergency Preparedness Toolkit provides streamlined information, tools, and templates to encourage continuity of operations planning for community health centers.

Emergency preparedness checklist for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and group homes

The Montgomery County Advanced Practice Center developed an interactive tool for emergency continuity planning in nursing and group homes.

Emergency preparedness checklist for case management and home care services

The Montgomery County Advanced Practice Center developed emergency continuity of operations tools for home care providers.

Barron County Court System: Strategies for a Pandemic Influenza

A collaborative effort between public health and local courts resulted in a document that aims to prepare the court system for an influenza pandemic. The guidance provides a local judicial system with a thorough and succinct overview of guidelines, procedures, and specific directions to follow during a pandemic. Guidelines are built on the premise that a local court system must maintain its functional operations during an emergency to ensure justice for the people.

Community Disease Containment Toolbox

The Toolbox addresses Kansas' approach to community disease containment. The first reviewer described this practice as complete and aligned with other state plans. Another reviewer said it provides thorough guidance from the state to community level on Pandemic Flu Mitigation measures, aside from pharmaceuticals. The second reviewer also noted this plan appropriately leaves some details to be determined at the community level.

Extended Childcare

The Extended Childcare materials provide a process through which state employees could contract childcare services if they are required to respond to an emergency. This practice may be seen as an all-hazards approach to recognizing and assessing childcare availability as a potential barrier to HCWs' willingness to work during a pandemic.

Is your business prepared for a pandemic or other public health emergency?

A PowerPoint presentation is part of a broader outreach project to enhance personal and community preparedness around pandemic influenza. The business portion identifies key issues and provides a balanced presentation of risk communications for businesses. The overview would be useful for state and local agencies that are beginning preparedness outreach to businesses.

Media Forums on Preparedness for Pandemic Influenza

New York State convened forums for news media personnel in various regions throughout the state.

Pandemic Influenza Toolkit Process

McHenry County's pandemic preparedness toolkits contain a variety of good templates and posters that could be used by any organization. Included are a Pandemic Planning Outline for Businesses that coincides with the Health and Human Services (HHS) Business Checklist; planning templates for schools and daycare facilities with key messages; parent letters; signs and symptoms logs; and posters.

Creating Ambulatory Care Integration into Hospital Surge Event Response: MediSys Health Network Emergency Response

A process for integrating ambulatory care centers into hospital surge capacity response plans is described in this document. The workgroup involved in the process built on the assets of ambulatory care centers to develop a set of roles they may fill in hospital emergency response.


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