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Workforce Absenteeism Exercise

This simple activity was completed as part of a pandemic influenza response tabletop exercise in March 2009. The activity was designed to illustrate how a pandemic could affect members of the Pandemic Influenza Response Team and to creatively build support for the need to identify three back-up employees for each response position.

Preparedness exercises allow county to open H1N1 mass vaccination sites

Thanks to the experience gained from previous exercises, a rural Minnesota county was able to quickly open three mass vaccination clinics in October 2009.

Isolation and Quarantine in Alexandria

The Isolation and Quarantine section of Alexandria's pandemic plan provides a detailed summary of a city's strategy for invoking and enforcing isolation and quarantine for any contagious disease that poses a public health threat.

NEMA after-action report details interstate coordination efforts (Region: WY, NE, CO, KS)

Four Midwestern states held a tabletop to test their ability to communicate with each other during an emergency.

Trainings, Drills & Exercises: Hospital and Primary Care Centers Tabletop Toolkit

New York City's toolkit can be used as a starting point to design, conduct, and evaluate tabletop exercises to enhance hospital preparedness for emergencies, such as pandemic influenza. The materials include a pandemic influenza scenario, break-out group assignments, a sample agenda, assessment tools, sample physical layouts, and question databases for moderators and participants.

Public Health Preparedness Pandemic Influenza: California Update 2005

A brief proposal describes the use of satellite-based distance learning paired with a tabletop exercise to prepare public health nurses for the unique challenges that may be posed by an influenza pandemic. The exercise format described in the paper is well-organized, activities-based, and able to be managed locally.

PIO avian flu functional exercise

The PIO avian flu functional exercise materials were adapted from a public information exercise designed to test the Ohio state communications plan and practice the formation of a joint information center.

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