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Program for veterans with dementia increases disaster preparedness in home-based care setting

A multidisciplinary group developed a disaster preparedness program for veterans with dementia and their caregivers.

Real-time information network provides emergency education and warnings to refugees

Utah agencies worked with refugee community leaders to develop a person-to-person emergency information network.

Wyoming volunteer reception center builds rural first responder workforce and tackles liability issues

Several agencies in a rural Wyoming county created plans and structure for disaster volunteer management, training, and liability.

Utah stakeholders forge healthcare coalition to strengthen surge capacity

The Northern Utah Healthcare Coalition addresses disaster medical surge issues and resource sharing in a large frontier area.

Boston health coalition builds cross-agency emergency communication structure

More than 400 Boston health and healthcare agencies created a communications coalition to respond quickly to medical surge and mass care needs.

Tribal, state, and local agencies define responsibilities for health emergencies on tribal land

A tribe and state health department worked together to determine how to clarify roles and share resources during a cross-jurisdictional emergency.

Interactive, visual tool helps people with communication needs stay safe in emergency shelters

A visual tool helps emergency shelter residents and staff communicate shelter procedures, medical needs, and feelings without need for speech.

Florida uses "dark site" templates to prepare for internal and public communication during disasters

Florida created offline, customizable Web pages that allow communications staff to distribute fast, accurate information during an emergency.

Florida's virtual JIC creates a safe and effective work environment for communications responders

A virtual Joint Information Center (JIC) helps Florida keep agency staff safe as they keep the public informed of emergency events and precautions.

Michigan integrates disaster preparedness curriculum into school health program

A school-based disaster preparedness curriculum transmits skills to children while training them to educate and assist their parents.

Connecticut emergency guide focuses on local hazards and enhanced communication to prepare and inform state residents

Connecticut developed an emergency preparedness guide that includes information on radiological emergencies, blizzards, and flash floods, among other issues.

Preparedness book creates central location for essential medical information of seniors and people with disabilities during emergencies

The READY BOOK allows at-risk individuals to document vital information for caregivers and medical professionals providing assistance during a winter storm or other emergency.

Emergency preparedness guide addresses the unique needs of migrant and seasonal farm workers

The Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker Emergency Preparedness Planning Guide helps planners integrate the needs of migrant and seasonal farm workers into existing emergency preparedness planning efforts. Ready-to-use checklists outline essential steps to take when working with migrant and seasonal farm workers during all phases of an emergency.

Public health partnership establishes countywide information hotline at local public library

A Kansas library worked with health, academic, and community partners to set up a disaster information call center that provides emergency notifications (when necessary) and year-round preparedness information.

Using the online Cultural Competency Curriculum for Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Response to enhance the quality of care for diverse populations

Recent tragedies such as the Haiti earthquake, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and September 11th have demonstrated that minorities suffer disproportionately during all stages of a disaster. Acknowledging that culturally and linguistically competent care can help mitigate health disparities, the U.S.

Retrofitting a city bus for medical evacuations and respiratory therapy

Chicago first responders developed ways to provide oxygen therapy on buses during large-scale evacuations.

Illinois Faith-Based Preparedness Initiative

This partnership between the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Broadcast Ministers' Alliance and Health Care Consortium provides a web site where faith-based organizations can access tips on disaster preparedness. The site is all-hazards, but pandemic influenza is used as a specific example in some cases. The site is divided into pages titled "Prepare," "Listen," "Act," and "Now" (P.L.A.N.).

Guide for Including People with Disabilities in Disaster Preparedness Planning

The guide provides recommendations and tools for people with many different types of disabilities. The guide includes sections on outreach and identification, planning, communication, evacuation, and sheltering. Each chapter contains numerous examples and scenarios to illustrate the information's applicability to individuals with physical, sensory, developmental, and psychiatric disabilities.

Mass Fatality Incident Management: Guidance for Hospitals and Other Healthcare Entities

Los Angeles County's mass fatality guidance provides detailed tools and recommendations that may assist hospitals and the offices of Medical Examiners and Coroners during an emergency. The guidance provides checklists for planning, staffing a fatalities management unit, and morgue surge.

Set Your Clocks, Check Your Stocks Campaign

The American Public Health Association developed this campaign to encourage emergency preparedness at the high school and community level. Materials use a catch phrase-"Set Your Clocks-Check Your Stocks"-to remind students and their families to evaluate their emergency preparedness kits twice a year when they re-set their clocks. The kit includes several components, notably a series of six fact sheets, a project kit for high school students, and interactive materials for younger children.


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