About CIDRAP's CWD Program

The Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Response, Research, and Policy Program addresses the ongoing transmission of CWD in cervids and its potential for spread to humans and other animal species. The program supports current, comprehensive, and authoritative information on CWD for the public, particularly hunters; the medical, veterinary and public health communities; wildlife scientists and managers; and public policymakers and elected officials. Guided by members of its Expert Advisory Group, which includes distinguished national and international experts and experienced professionals representing hunter groups, prion biology, diagnostics and epidemiology, wildlife management and health, and human health, the CWD Response, Research, and Policy Program is focused on:

  • providing coordinated and proactive national leadership with government agencies and others that identifies and defines priority policy, prevention, research and community outreach issues associated with CWD in animals and its potential for animal-to-human and human-to-human transmission;
  • educating the public, particularly hunters, the medical and public health communities, wildlife scientists and managers, public policymakers and elected officials about the potential risk of human CWD infection;
  • promoting extensive, reliable and rapid CWD prion detection tests for killed cervids before the deer are processed or consumed;
  • conducting primary prevention research on limiting the potential transmission of the CWD prion to humans and between animal species.

 The CWD Resource Center is the primary means of providing the current, comprehensive, and authoritative information on CWD. Information provided by the CWD Resource Center includes twenty detailed frequently asked questions, up-to-date CWD news from across North America and Europe, legislative initiatives introduced in the US to address CWD, CWD maps, summarized best CWD management practices published by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, and extensive links to CWD content on other websites.