CWD Monthly Newsletters

The CIDRAP Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Monthly Newsletter is a roundup of the top news, research, and events about chronic wasting disease. 

CIDRAP CWD Monthly Newsletter – March, 2021
Hunting traditions clash with constant calls for change, continued efforts to develop a reliable CWD test for live animals, states propose and implement new policies to manage CWD, and more
Obstacles complicating CWD surveillance in states, using environmental sampling as a means to help monitor CWD, new detections reported in states, and more 
CIDRAP webinar on best practices for CWD, study assessing the zoonotic risk of CWD from Norwegian reindeer and moose, growth in hunting participation amid the pandemic, and more
Upcoming webinar on best practices for CWD, the first detection of the disease near Wyoming’s elk feedgrounds, “antler cannibalism” offered as a hypothesis for CWD’s origin in Norway, and more
Conservation act that would establish a federal US CWD task force signed into law, CWD strains in Norway are distinct from those in North America, sampling challenged by COVID-19, and more
A series of webinars on CWD, the possibility of a federal CWD task force, new detections on cervid farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin, some early results from hunting seasons, and more
CIDRAP webinar on what hunters should know about CWD, insight on the minimum infectious dose of CWD in cervids, the role of ticks in transmission, a new case in Norway, and more

Familiar concepts between COVID-19 and CWD, increased interest in outdoor recreation during a pandemic, evidence of hunting's impact on limiting CWD in Colorado, state updates, and more
CIDRAP webinar on human dimensions of CWD, federal funds made available to combat the disease, the merger of two conservation organizations, and CWD updates from states and provinces
CWD challenges continue in Wisconsin, Minnesota expands deer feeding and attractant bans, wildlife agencies working with tight budgets, research on the genetics of CWD, and more

Finalizing CWD management plans in Pennsylvania, further documented spread in Montana, an update from Norway, adapting CWD surveillance strategies in states and provinces, and more
Impacts of CWD in areas with high disease prevalence, debut of the National Deer Alliance's CWD resources, adapting wildlife management in the midst of COVID-19, and more
The importance of robust CWD surveillance programs, costs of depopulating Minnesota and Wisconsin cervid farms with CWD, analyzing hunter behavior in response to CWD, and more
CIDRAP CWD Monthly Newsletter – February, 2020
Continued debate regarding the fate of Wyoming's National Elk Refuge, the status of federal funding for CWD research, Montana moves toward in-state CWD testing, and more 

CIDRAP CWD Monthly Newsletter – January, 2020
Executive Committee announced, CWD carcass management work group formed, CWD prions detected in deer semen for the first time, updates on cases in farmed and wild cervids, and more

CIDRAP CWD Monthly Newsletter – December, 2019
First CIDRAP webinar on prions, CWD strains, and potential implications for the species barrier; more CWD detected in deer, elk, and free-ranging moose in Iowa, Minnesota, and Montana; CIDRAP carcass-disposal work group and carcass disposal importation rules; and more

CIDRAP CWD Monthly Newsletter – November, 2019 
Introduction and overview of the CWD Resource Center, perceptions of CWD in Wisconsin, bleach shown to effectively inactivate CWD prions on contaminated surfaces, and more