Ongoing Programs

Antimicrobial Stewardship

Antimicrobial resistance is a critical global public health issue, and antimicrobial stewardship strategies are key to curtailing the problem. The CIDRAP Antimicrobial Stewardship Project (ASP) provides current, accurate, and comprehensive information on the topic and works to build an online community to address leading issues.


As an integral partner in this federal program charged with providing an early-warning network of sensors to detect a biological attack, CIDRAP serves as an advocate for local and state public health agencies that participate in the system in their areas.

CEIRS Network Pandemic Research Response Planning

The CEIRS Network Pandemic Research Response Planning project is a cross-center collaborative initiative aimed at enhancing the CEIRS network’s ability to mobilize its scientific expertise and capabilities during an influenza pandemic or pre-pandemic situation and provide research-based knowledge to inform the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ overall public health response. 

CIDRAP Comprehensive Influenza Vaccine Initiative (CCIVI)

CCIVI works to address the significant policy, investment, leadership, and organizational barriers that must be overcome to develop the next generation of influenza vaccines that can protect those most at risk of serious illness and death and reduce the global impact of the next influenza pandemic.

CIDRAP Leadership Forum

The CIDRAP Leadership Forum (CLF) is designed for organizations that require access to actionable information and expert perspective necessary to shape sound business practices in the face of rapidly emerging issues of public health importance, whether local, national, or international.

Ebola Vaccine Team B

A joint project of the Wellcome Trust and CIDRAP, the initiative brings together distinguished leaders in vaccine development to provide a fresh perspective (a Team B analysis) of the same issues being addressed by international collaborators attempting to develop in record time safe and effective vaccines against Ebola Virus Disease.

Influenza Training

CEIRS has developed an online training portal that provides e-learning modules on topics related to avian influenza and influenza in general.

News Publishing

As a world-leading source of current, comprehensive, and authoritative information, CIDRAP’s news publishing division writes original news stories each business day and maintains in-depth information on influenza, bioterrorism, and the latest emerging infectious diseases.

Public Health Practices

Public Health Practices Project has ended

The Public Health Practices (PHP) program at the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) concluded a 12-month study in 2014 to assess (1) the needs of public health preparedness professionals, (2) how the forces of health reform affect them, (3) what role our project might play going forward, and (4) options for sustainable funding.

WHO Roadmap Development

CIDRAP has been selected to work closely with the WHO to develop R&D roadmaps for Ebola/Marburg, Nipah, and Lassa viruses. This work is being funded through support from Wellcome, a key partner in this undertaking. 

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