Avian Influenza Training

Avian Influenza: The Basics

How avian viruses evolve, adapt, and spread among animal populations and from animals to humans.

Avian Influenza: Detection in Wild Birds

Collection techniques, PPE for samplers, and handling and shipping of samples.

Avian Influenza and Poultry Biosecurity

Industry biosecurity measures and their application to backyard or other outdoor systems.

Avian Influenza in Humans: Epidemiology

How avian influenza impacts humans, including case occurrence, transmission, clinical presentation, and treatment.

Avian Influenza in Humans: Detection, Prevention, and Control

Status of detection, prevention, and control of avian influenza in humans, including case definitions and contact management.

Surveillance for Avian Influenza in Birds

Goals and methods of surveillance in poultry and wild bird populations for HPAI and LPAI viruses.