Avian Influenza: The Basics

Intended Audience

This training module is directed toward a variety of professions and backgrounds including but not limited to: physicians specializing in preventive medicine, public health, or infectious disease; nurses focusing on public health, infection control, or infectious disease; veterinarians dealing with swine, poultry, and biosecurity; public health officials; wildlife biologists; and animal health specialists.

Overall Goal

The goal of this training module is to familiarize users with the viral structure of avian influenza, global migration patterns of wild birds, major outbreaks of avian influenza in domestic poultry, transmission of avian influenza viruses from birds to other species, and clinical features of avian influenza in birds.


Upon successful completion of this module the learner will have:

  1. A basic understanding of influenza viruses
  2. The ability to describe the key facts on avian influenza in birds