Caring for the sick at home when it's the only option


The hour-long DVD provides practical, detailed information on caring for ill persons, including those with influenza, at home. It is aimed at non-medical care providers. The DVD provides information on: infection control (including hand washing and disinfection); personal protective equipment (PPE) for care providers; basic nursing skills (including bathing, nutrition and feeding, monitoring intake and output, monitoring vital signs, postural drainage, etc.); signs and treatment of dehydration; and management of death, dying, and grief. The segmented approach makes it possible to view a section and return later to the next section. The print and verbal presentations are effective. The video does not include information about anti-viral agents and not all of the infection control measures may be agreed upon by everyone. There are some minor inaccuracies and some of the information (e.g. postural drainage positions for various lobular impacts to the lungs of children) is somewhat excessive, but overall it is a great tool. While people can reasonably disagree on some points of the script, this is a highly useful product to educate the general public on how to care for someone at home so that patients can be kept out of hospitals.

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