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Dispense Assist online screening system helps Kansas county improve POD throughput, serve vulnerable populations

Kansas created an online screening and voucher system to speed Point of Distribution throughput and accuracy.

Toolkit adapts infectious disease emergency response plan for local health departments

San Francisco created a toolkit that incorporated guidance and templates local health agencies can use to create an infectious disease response plan.

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Toolkit helps agencies assess flu vaccine beliefs and behaviors, educate public, and tailor services

The San Francisco Bay Area Advanced Practice Center developed a toolkit to help health agencies conduct annual community assessments related to flu vaccine beliefs and behaviors.

Toolkit paves the way for hospitals to meet children's needs during a disaster

A Washington healthcare coalition created a toolkit for managing neonatal and pediatric medical needs and evacuation during an emergency.

Toolkit provides guidelines and resources for sharing influenza-like illness data between health agencies and schools

A local public health agency in Texas worked with schools to develop an absenteeism surveillance system.

Mesa County, Colorado

Toolkit uses just-in-time training to integrate volunteers into healthcare response

To address health professional shortages in rural areas, a Colorado APC developed interactive orientation and training tools for volunteers.

Toolkit encourages health departments to engage pharmacies in all-hazards preparedness and response

A partnership between Maryland and Florida counties created a toolkit for engaging pharmacists in preparedness.

Collaborative drug therapy agreement toolkit for pharmacies and public health

The Seattle-King County Advanced Practice Center created a toolkit for health agencies partnering with community and retail pharmacists during a disaster.

HSEEP-based emergency exercise toolkit tailors tabletop exercises to the needs of hospitals and health facilities

Chicago's toolkit walks users through planning a heat wave and medical surge scenario for a healthcare tabletop exercise.

Antiviral Distribution for the Control of H1N1

Building new partnerships, including with large retail chains, helped Texas dramatically expand its options for distributing antiviral medications during the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic.

School-based H1N1 vaccination clinics at each K-12 school

The Rhode Island Department of Health created parent and staff information that allowed for streamlined H1N1 vaccination clinics at every K-12 school.

Pandemic Influenza Surge Plan to Manage In-Hospital Deaths

New York City's mass fatality guidance comprises two parts: (1) a training course for health professionals who will be involved in fatality management, and (2) a planning tool. The course describes strategies, roles, and responsibilities that will be assumed by the Office of Chief Medical Examiner and health care facilities.

Emergency preparedness toolkit for community health centers and community practice sites

Columbia University's Emergency Preparedness Toolkit provides streamlined information, tools, and templates to encourage continuity of operations planning for community health centers.

Linking home care and public health

The Montgomery County Advanced Practice Center developed a toolkit to train home health providers in emergency response.

Rapid patient discharge tool

Adaptable plans based on promising bed surge capacity practices help hospital administrators address unexpected increases in patient volume during an emergency.

Standards and Guidelines for Healthcare Surge during Emergencies

The California Department of Public Health has outlined a process for dealing with the complex issues of clinical care surge capacity during a public health emergency. The tools could serve as an educational model for other states that are attempting to address this challenging topic.

Influenza Care Centers (ICC)

Santa Clara County has developed the concept of Influenza Care Centers (ICCs) as part of its Pandemic Influenza Plan. The proposal includes development of several ICC levels designed to cohort care for people with influenza infection. Cohorts may include people with insufficient care resources at home and people who cannot stay at home because they require a higher level of care.

Pandemic Influenza Planning Kit for Outpatient Providers

The Pandemic Influenza Planning Kit for Outpatient Providers is a clear and concise guide that nicely summarizes key information. The materials represent an integration of trusted and useful resources that are potentially useful for enhancing surge capacity at the local level. Although the planning kit does not provide tools to begin a plan or integrate plans across sectors, it provides a systematic framework for health care workers to extend planning within an organized context.

Influenza Specialty Care Units

A concept of operations for setting up alternate care sites details the plan for establishing Influenza Special Care Units (ISCUs) in Massachusetts. The documents indicate that hospitals should collaborate and develop one ISCU for a cluster of hospitals in every region. These documents constitute an option for a local public health agency, a state health department or even private sector health services, because they provide a concept of operations for developing alternate care statewide.

Pandemic Influenza Response and Management Toolkit: Appendix D: Alternative Care Site Management Tools (British Columbia, Canada)

Fraser Health's toolkit outlines key parameters for establishing alternate triage and care centers by providing guidance for selecting a site, organizing personnel, conducting triage and process flow, and discharging patients. The materials are still in draft form, and any triage or care site would need to modify the materials to fit its individual needs.


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