Public Health Practices

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness for Schools

Note: Several materials on this site were not reviewed for Promising Practices because they were beyond the scope of the project or were not publicly available. This review applies only to materials specifically mentioned.

Pandemic Action Kit for Schools -- New York

The Pandemic Action Kit for Schools offers templates and tools that incorporate the CDC's interim guidance on community disease mitigation, which calls for a maximum 12-week closure of schools. The toolkit describes important step-by-step actions schools should take before, during, and after an influenza pandemic.

Pandemic Influenza Toolkit for Ohio Schools

The Pandemic Influenza Toolkit for Ohio Schools was designed by the Ohio Department of Health to assist schools in their pandemic preparedness efforts. The toolkit is a compilation of materials that represent current knowledge on planning considerations schools must take prior to a pandemic event. Materials include posters, mental health concerns, helpful sample letters that provide education on pandemic influenza and information about school closures, and sample news releases.

Preparing for Pandemic Flu in New Mexico Schools

The New Mexico school toolkit proposes an excellent web-based strategy for communicating pandemic influenza information to three distinct audiences in the state school system. These include: 1) School and district administrators; 2) Teachers, nurses, and other staff; and 3) English- and Spanish-speaking parents, students, and concerned community members. The web site design (when operational) will direct the user to specific information with tabs for each population.

Sacramento County Action Kit for Schools

The Sacramento County Action Kit for Schools contains a packet of information and resources that provide practical tools for school districts that are preparing for a pandemic. Although it was produced by Sacramento County, it is patterned largely after the Contra Costa school toolkit.

School Preparedness

This online preparedness tool from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services incorporates training and security information that can be accessed by schools for pandemic preparation and response. Most of the web site is password-protected, but some explanatory materials can be accessed by anyone under the "Overview" section of the site.

Pandemic Flu School Action Kit

A downloadable action kit for K-12 schools provides a variety of communications tools for use before, during, and after a pandemic. The sample letters for parents discuss school activities that may occur in preparation for or reaction to a pandemic, including infection control, surveillance, and non-pharmaceutical interventions. The materials are comprehensive, reader-friendly, and appropriate for all educational levels.

Pandemic action kit for schools

The Pandemic Action Kit for Schools provides schools with practical tools they may need to prepare for pandemic influenza or other public health emergencies. The kit is a colorful, comprehensive guide that includes helpful algorithms for communication about school closure, media messages, infection control tips, educational PowerPoint slides, and many other useful tools to assist schools in planning for a pandemic. This high-quality tool could be used easily by any school district.

Pandemic Influenza Toolkit for Educators

The Pandemic Influenza Toolkit for Educators is a one-stop shop for pandemic preparedness information needed by every school. The web site includes a Breeze presentation from state officials to educators and lesson plans about pandemic preparedness and infection prevention for pre-school, elementary, middle, and high school students. The delivery of information may be overwhelming for some readers, although the site offers many necessary resources for schools.

Pandemic Influenza Planning Kit for Schools

The Planning Kit for Schools has the potential to increase pandemic influenza awareness, assist schools in maintaining continuity of education, and serve as a resource for the greater community. The kit carefully describes tangible steps that schools can take to plan for a pandemic, and the templates require organizations to identify specific school personnel as part of an incident command structure.