Public Health Practices

Michigan integrates disaster preparedness curriculum into school health program

A school-based disaster preparedness curriculum transmits skills to children while training them to educate and assist their parents.

Partnership with Civil Air Patrol allows winter transport of emergency medications to Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Michigan partnered with the Civil Air Patrol to be able to deliver antivirals and other supplies to the Upper Peninsula when roads are unsafe and/or when other partners are unavailable.

Adapting a common software tool during H1N1 helped streamline mass clinic operations, improve communication, and save money

Adapting Microsoft SharePoint allowed a Michigan county to set up two H1N1 vaccination clinics within 48 hours and vaccinate more than 24,000 people.

Resource directories and medical management guidelines for response to a chemical emergency

Michigan developed streamlined tools to help responders make quick decisions during chemical emergencies.

Stockpiling protective equipment allows campus to supply university hospital with masks during H1N1

The University of Michigan began a mask and respirator stockpiling program that allowed it to address supply shortages at the on-campus hospital during the H1N1 pandemic.

New guidelines and on-campus resources lead to provision of alcohol-free hand sanitizer on campus

During the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, the University of Michigan developed practices around providing alcohol-free hand sanitizer in response to flammability concerns and student preferences.

college student registering online

SurveyMonkey used for campus vaccine registration

Michigan State University used its online course management system to register students for H1N1 vaccine.

Infectious illness logic model aids planning, response

During H1N1, the University of Michigan adapted a logic model to determine how to respond to infectious illness alerts and partner with other agencies.

Communications Outreach Ranges from Mirror Clings to E-mails

The University of Michigan used a variety of communications tactics, from old-fashioned to of-the-moment methods, to reach as many members of the campus community as possible with information on H1N1.

International students participate in planning alternative housing

Michigan State University student groups planned alternative housing for international students if dorms were to be closed during H1N1.

Active surveillance to track school closures

Michigan created protocols for monitoring school closure data via numerous sources during H1N1.

Michigan uses 5 focused questions to monitor influenza impact on hospitals statewide

Michigan developed five questions to take a daily surveillance snapshot of H1N1's effects on hospital admissions and ICU care.

Contagious Illness Precautions for the Transportation Industry

A brief, informational poster describes hand and cough hygiene and surface precautions that transportation departments can take against the spread of infectious disease. The poster uses a simple message that is easy to understand. One reviewer found the clear, easy-to-follow layout of the poster particularly noteworthy.

Parents' Guide to Pandemic Flu

A brief handbook from Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services Department represents a clearly written, manageable introduction to pandemic influenza and personal preparedness for parents. The guide contains useful materials to help parents learn about the basics of pandemic flu. A helpful checklist of influenza symptoms aids parents in distinguishing between flu and colds. The guide also introduces and defines basic concepts such as isolation, quarantine, and respiratory hygiene.

Plan. Prepare. Prevail. Video

Grand Traverse Health Department in Michigan has produced an exemplary 10-minute video currently available online. This video motivates people to prepare for general emergencies and pandemic influenza through clear messaging and a catchy, simple theme (plan. prepare. prevail.). The tone is even-handed and reassuring, which heightens the message that people will be able to prepare with little difficulty.

Are you prepared for a pandemic or other public health emergency?

A preparedness primer educates families and individuals on how to develop emergency response plans. The brochure uses an appropriate language level and organizes direct and balanced information into a simple, tiered format. Nicely-sized photos and images reinforce the text, and the tone of the messages is calm and confident. The brochure advises readers to stockpile one month's worth of medications; however, this advice may not be realistic under the limitations of various insurance plans.

Pandemic action kit for schools

The Pandemic Action Kit for Schools provides schools with practical tools they may need to prepare for pandemic influenza or other public health emergencies. The kit is a colorful, comprehensive guide that includes helpful algorithms for communication about school closure, media messages, infection control tips, educational PowerPoint slides, and many other useful tools to assist schools in planning for a pandemic. This high-quality tool could be used easily by any school district.

Is your business prepared for a pandemic or other public health emergency?

A PowerPoint presentation is part of a broader outreach project to enhance personal and community preparedness around pandemic influenza. The business portion identifies key issues and provides a balanced presentation of risk communications for businesses. The overview would be useful for state and local agencies that are beginning preparedness outreach to businesses.

Pandemic Influenza Toolkit for Educators

The Pandemic Influenza Toolkit for Educators is a one-stop shop for pandemic preparedness information needed by every school. The web site includes a Breeze presentation from state officials to educators and lesson plans about pandemic preparedness and infection prevention for pre-school, elementary, middle, and high school students. The delivery of information may be overwhelming for some readers, although the site offers many necessary resources for schools.

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