Public Health Practices

Community reception center exercise tests Florida's radiological screening and decontamination process

Florida held an exercise to test skills related to radiological response, including screening, dosimetry, decontamination, and medical triage.

Florida uses dark site templates to prepare for internal and public communication during disasters

Florida created offline, customizable Web pages that allow communications staff to distribute fast, accurate information during an emergency.

Florida's virtual JIC creates a safe and effective work environment for communications responders

A virtual Joint Information Center (JIC) helps Florida keep agency staff safe as they keep the public informed of emergency events and precautions.

Rumor investigation process helped Florida prioritize communication response, conserve resources during Deepwater Horizon disaster

Florida developed a process to plan communications based on their monitoring of circulating information about the Deepwater Horizon oil spil.

Media monitoring process informs recommendations for public communications during H1N1

Florida developed a targeted process to monitor H1N1-related news and opinion, a practice that informed the direction of their communication plan.

Guide for emergency responders provides tools for communicating with specific vulnerable groups

A Florida work group developed guidance on effective ways to communicate with people on dialysis, people with disabilities, migrant workers, and others during a disaster.

Public health and faith-based organizations partner to offer food and vaccine to the homeless (SC, CA, FL)

Several counties partnered with faith-based organizations to offer H1N1 vaccine, food, and warm clothing to homeless people.

Mass vaccination campaign concept of operations and priority groups

The Florida Department of Health developed a vaccination concept of operations that considered local demand and demographics.

Public antiviral stockpile program

The Florida Department of Health worked with pharmacies to develop a public antiviral stockpile accessible to everyone regardless of income and pharmacy supply.

Guide helps people prepare for and respond to disasters

Two agencies created a preparedness handbook for people with disabilities and their families, available in Spanish and Haitian Creole.

The 5th Guy Campaign

"The Fifth Guy" is a sophisticated and highly entertaining social marketing campaign. Its message is based on two concepts: 1) Low interest in pandemic flu would undermine audience receptivity to campaigns about an influenza pandemic, and 2) Enhancing basic hand and respiratory hygiene is a valuable, pandemic-relevant lesson that people would absorb today.

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