New York City sign post

NYC reports microcephaly; Florida probes possible 2nd local Zika case

New York City confirms its first Zika-related microcephaly case, Florida is investigating a possible 2nd local infection, and Puerto Rico turns down a CDC plan to spray for mosquitoes.

White House

Florida, other states get more funds for Zika

Ebola Vaccine Team B report

Plotting the Course of Ebola Vaccines

Panel of experts convened by the Wellcome Trust and CIDRAP urges further steps for the complete development of Ebola vaccines. Ebola Team B page.

East Pyne Hall, Princeton University

Meningitis B vaccine disappoints in campus outbreak

Most recipients produced antibodies, but 34% had no immune response to the outbreak strain.

pregnant repellent use

Local transmission suspected in Florida Zika case

As officials probe the source of the infection, mosquito control activities are under way in the area and Zika kits are being distributed.

Raw sewage overflow

Worrisome resistant bacteria found in Florida sewage

The VRE harbored a gene that can confer resistance to other types of bacteria.

Drawing blood

Fatal MERS in Najran as study pans convalescent plasma

Only 2.7% of 443 samples from recovered patients, health workers, and others had high enough antibody levels.


Jan 29, 2016
New York Times editorial on Zika epidemic and why we need to be proactive regarding infectious diseases, by Director Michael Osterholm, PhD, MPH. 

Oct 30, 2015
Lancet Infectious Diseases commentary by Ebola Vaccine Team B experts assembled by the Wellcome Trust & CIDRAP, on vaccine priorities and how the "Team B" approach can serve as a model for other public health emergencies.

Sep 9, 2015
The Ford Lecture Series inaugural address by Director Michael Osterholm: "Infectious Diseases of the 21st Century: A New World Order," on Tuesday, Sept. 29, in Pellegrene Auditorium - Saint John's University, Collegeville, MN. The series covers cutting-edge scientific topics and their relevance to everyday life.

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The Osterholm Quote

"The bottom line message is: If you’re going to share body fluids with Zika, there’s a risk."