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WHO addresses Zika fears as more microcephaly findings surface

Also today, two new microcephaly studies documented Zika virus in fetal tissue, strengthening a possible link between the two conditions.

Ebola Vaccine Team B report cover
CIDRAP / Wellcome Trust Report

Recommendations for Accelerating the Development of Ebola Vaccines

Panel of experts convened by the Wellcome Trust and CIDRAP lays out recommendations for the expedient development of Ebola vaccines. Ebola Team B page.

Obama seeks $1.8 billion for Zika response; CDC ups emergency level

The administration's request covers both domestic and international actions, with CDC's EOC at a level to speed up and coordinate the response.

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WHO lists Zika R&D priorities; groups probe microcephaly, GBS

The WHO will be fast-tracking some Zika R&D projects.

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CDC advises on Zika-related sexual spread, pregnancy care

Pregnant women and their babies are the focus because of a strongly suspected link to complications.

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WHO: Local Zika cases in 33 nations as GBS numbers climb

Seven outbreak countries are seeing a rise in microcephaly or Guillain-Barre disease.


Jan 29, 2016
New York Times editorial on Zika epidemic and why we need to be proactive regarding infectious diseases, by Director Michael Osterholm, PhD, MPH. 

Oct 30, 2015
Lancet Infectious Diseases commentary by Ebola Vaccine Team B experts assembled by the Wellcome Trust & CIDRAP, on vaccine priorities and how the "Team B" approach can serve as a model for other public health emergencies.

Sep 9, 2015
The Ford Lecture Series inaugural address by Director Michael Osterholm: "Infectious Diseases of the 21st Century: A New World Order," on Tuesday, Sept. 29, in Pellegrene Auditorium - Saint John's University, Collegeville, MN. The series covers cutting-edge scientific topics and their relevance to everyday life.

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The Osterholm Quote

"What’s fueled A. aegpyti [the mosquito that transmits Zika virus] is the overabundance of nondegradable biomaterials. Cleaning it up doesn't take research. It takes a will to do it."