South Korean MERS cluster grows; Saudi Arabia reports case

A 44-year-old business traveler who is related to two recent South Korean patients is in isolation and observation in China after traveling through Hong Kong International Airport.

Ebola cases drop, but battle remains in two tough hot spots

WHO sees some promising signs amidst the continuing jagged pattern of cases.

Avian flu strikes more flocks in Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa

Four new outbreaks in chickens and turkeys join the 181 already counted by the USDA since last December.

South Korea, Saudi Arabia confirm more MERS cases

South Korea has 2 more MERS cases—5 total—and Saudi Arabia reports 4 new infections.

New Jersey traveler dies from Lassa fever

The man was hospitalized after returning from West Africa and died last night from a Lassa virus infection.

CIDRAP / Wellcome Trust Report

Recommendations for Accelerating the Development of Ebola Vaccines

Panel of experts convened by the Wellcome Trust and CIDRAP lays out recommendations for the expedient development of Ebola vaccines.

WHA wraps up with resolutions on emergency response reforms, antimicrobial resistance

The 3,000+ delegates from  194 WHO member states clear the way for changes prompted by gaps in the Ebola crisis response.

Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa flocks hit with avian flu

Minnesota has 6 new outbreaks, Iowa 3, and Nebraska 1, its third in the same area.


Mar 4, 2015
Grand Challenges Research Strategies Group recently formed to help shape research priorities at the University of Minnesota includes Director Michael Osterholm, PhD, MPH, among the distinguished faculty members in the group.

Mar 2, 2015
CBE—Life Sciences Education (LSE) highlights CIDRAP alongside WHO and CDC in review of online resources providing extensive information on infectious diseases and outbreaks.

Feb 26, 2015
Bioterrorism chapter published in the Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health (6 ed.) is authored by Research Associate Nicholas Kelley, PhD, and Director Michael Osterholm, PhD, MPH.

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Biosecurity Scan

May 28, 2015
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The Osterholm Quote

"Influenza viruses have been thought in the past to be transmitted by birds to birds in close contact and it was only that kind of transmission we needed to be concerned about. . . . Now we surely have a very dynamic situation in the Midwest . . . where we no longer can assume it's just migratory birds."