Bovine spongiform encephalopathy

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Jun 29, 2015

News Scan for Jun 29, 2015

New Saudi MERS cases
More chikungunya in the Americas
BSE in Ireland
Apr 21, 2015

News Scan for Apr 21, 2015

Ice cream Listeria cases
Yemen health system in peril
CDC travel notices
Meningitis in Nigeria
BSE pathway in monkeys
Apr 16, 2015

News Scan for Apr 16, 2015

Canadian E coli outbreak
Recent US vCJD case
Jan 30, 2015

News Scan for Jan 30, 2015

Two more MERS cases
Drug-resistant bacteria
BSE case in Norway
Jun 12, 2014

News Scan for Jun 12, 2014

Chickungunya vaccine
vCJD blood test
Sepsis and latent viruses
Jun 05, 2014

News Scan for Jun 05, 2014

Chikungunya precautions
Salmonella chia recall, new cases
Fourth US vCJD case
MRSA drug approval
May 05, 2014

News Scan for May 05, 2014

H7N9 case, death in China
BSE in Brazil
More Caribbean chikungunya
Pertussis vaccination
Mar 05, 2014

News Scan for Mar 05, 2014

2 new Saudi MERS cases
Blood test for vCJD
Deadliest foodborne pathogens
Possible Marburg drug
H5N8 in South Korea
Feb 25, 2014

News Scan for Feb 25, 2014

Listeria-related recall
BSE in Germany
Feb 12, 2014

News Scan for Feb 12, 2014

New coronavirus in pigs
Hantavirus outbreak recap
Possible CJD exposure
Beef company shutdown

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

Aguilar-Calvo P, Fast C, Tauscher K, et al. Effect of Q211 and K222PRNP polymorphic variants in the susceptibility of goats to oral infection with goat-BSE. J Infect Dis 2015 (published online Feb 26)

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Maheshwari A, Fischer MP, Gambetti P, et al. Recent US case of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease — global implications. (Perspective) Emerg Infect Dis 2015 (published online Apr 15)

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Pritzkow S, Morales R, Moda F, et al. Grass plants bind, retain, uptake, and transport infectious prions. Cell Rep 2015 May 26;11(8):1168-75

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