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Sep 20, 2017

News Scan for Sep 20, 2017

Global flu hot spots
Flu vaccine trial launch
Nigerian yellow fever
Yemen cholera
Sep 19, 2017

News Scan for Sep 19, 2017

H7N9 vaccine development
Cyclospora cases rise
MERS vaccine trial
Zika transmission prediction
Nigerian cholera vaccination
Sep 05, 2017

News Scan for Sep 05, 2017

Saudi MERS case
CRE treatment
Cholera in Yemen
Chikungunya drop
Aug 30, 2017

News Scan for Aug 30, 2017

Saudi MERS cases
New Chagas drug
Avian flu outbreaks
Ebola progression
Cholera in Yemen
High C diff rates
Aug 21, 2017

News Scan for Aug 21, 2017

Backyard poultry and Salmonella
New polio cases
Cholera in Yemen rebel areas
Aug 16, 2017
Somalia measles vaccination

Continued measles spread in Somalia crisis prompts WHO call for donor support

The WHO and its partners need the funding boost to stop measles transmission with a campaign in November to immunize 4.2 million children.

Aug 14, 2017
cholera hand washing

Yemen's cholera outbreak passes 500,000 cases

Overall, cases have declined some, but some locations are still reporting 5,000 suspected cases each day.

Aug 01, 2017

News Scan for Aug 01, 2017

Avian flu on 3 continents
Aerosols and infection risk
Fetal sex as malaria risk factor
Cholera in Yemen
Jul 28, 2017

News Scan for Jul 28, 2017

Avian flu outbreaks
Zika vaccine deal
US pneumonia burden
NICU stewardship
Cholera in Somalia
Jul 26, 2017
UN visit to Yemen

Yemen cholera outbreak tops 400,000, draws high-level UN visit

The world's worst cholera outbreak is occurring during a humanitarian crisis.

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