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Mar 15, 2019

News Scan for Mar 15, 2019

Botulism from home-canned peas
More turkey Salmonella
Safety rules for agricultural water
Polio in Nigeria
Feb 13, 2019

News Scan for Feb 13, 2019

MERS in Saudi Arabia, Oman
Lettuce E coli probe
H5N8 in Namibian penguins
Jan 10, 2019

News Scan for Jan 10, 2019

Shutdown and food inspections
E coli outbreak probe over
Consecutive-year flu vaccine and protection
Dec 17, 2018

News Scan for Dec 17, 2018

More acute flaccid myelitis cases
Romaine grower produce recall
US flu vaccine uptake
Quadrivalent flu vaccine in kids
Mumps in Australia
Dec 13, 2018
Romaine lettuce in a bowl

Romaine E coli probe leads to Santa Barbara County farm

As the outbreak grows to 59 cases, officials puzzle over why romaine and not other lettuce was tainted.

Dec 07, 2018

News Scan for Dec 07, 2018

More romaine E coli cases
Costco antibiotic policy
Polio in 3 countries
Imported malaria in UK
Nov 29, 2018

News Scan for Nov 29, 2018

Slight Northern Hemisphere flu rise
E coli romaine probe
Tahini-linked Salmonella outbreak
Nov 27, 2018
Farmers market romaine lettuce

FDA narrows romaine E coli source to Central Coast growing area

The CDC notes 11 more illnesses, raising the outbreak total to 43 cases in 12 states.

Nov 26, 2018

News Scan for Nov 26, 2018

E coli romaine source
Polio cases in 3 nations
H5N6 case in China
Small US flu increase
Nov 20, 2018
Romaine lettuce closeup

E coli probe prompts CDC warning to avoid all romaine

So far 32 illnesses have been confirmed in 11 states, as well as 18 cases in Canada.

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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