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May 24, 2016
E coli bacteria

Study: Different resistant E coli strains can cross-protect

Two strains of bacteria resistant to different antibiotics can protect each other when both drugs are present, the study finds.

May 06, 2016

News Scan for May 06, 2016

Yellow fever in Africa
MCR-1 in UK livestock
Apr 14, 2016
bacteria culture

CDC: Testing changes may slow foodborne outbreak detection

To preserve cultures as a key disease detection tool, the CDC recommends that labs do them whenever the faster test suggests a bacterial infection.

Apr 01, 2016

News Scan for Apr 01, 2016

Saudi MERS case
Campylobacter in raw milk
US drug-resistance effort
MCR-1 in Spain
Cold-attenuated polio vaccine
Mar 28, 2016

News Scan for Mar 28, 2016

Three Saudi MERS cases
2-state sproutbreak over
Endoscope contamination
Feb 26, 2016

News Scan for Feb 26, 2016

Saudi MERS cases
Local dengue in Uruguay
MCR-1 in Tunisia
Antibiotics, HUS, and E coli
Polio in Laos
Feb 25, 2016

Food Outbreak Scan for Feb 25, 2016

E coli in alfalfa sprouts
More Listeria cases tied to salads
Feb 12, 2016

News Scan for Feb 12, 2016

US flu ramps up
Two Saudi MERS cases
Yellow fever in Angola
DRC monkeypox outbreak
Global vaccine-derived polio
Harmless E coli in cheese
Feb 01, 2016

Food Outbreak Scan for Feb 01, 2016

Chipotle E coli outbreaks over
Salmonella and nutritional powder
Jan 08, 2016
Young calf

New MCR-1 reports warn of untreatable infection threat

The new, worrisome MCR-1 resistance gene has been detected in 6 more nations.

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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