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May 17, 2018
Outdoor hot tub

Hotel pools a factor in water-related illness outbreaks

Pools and hot tubs play host to a wide range of disease-causing microorganisms, warns the CDC.

Dec 21, 2017

News Scan for Dec 21, 2017

Saudi MERS case
Legionella in cooling towers
1 million cholera cases
Measles in England, Greece
Nov 13, 2017

News Scan for Nov 13, 2017

New MERS cases
Yellow fever in Nigeria
HHS secretary nomination
Legionnaires' at Disney
Canadian flu cost estimate
Nov 09, 2017
Drinking fountains

Legionella common in US outbreaks tied to drinking water, other sources

Legionella continues to be the most common cause of outbreaks linked to drinking water and also fuels many outbreaks linked to environmental water exposure.

Oct 25, 2017

News Scan for Oct 25, 2017

Brazil yellow fever
Marburg in Uganda
NYC Legionnaires' outbreak
Antivirals for H7N9
Hurricane-related alert
Jun 30, 2017

News Scan for Jun 30, 2017

Flu vaccine in kids
PPE for Ebola
Powassan virus infection
Legionnaires' outbreak
Jun 19, 2017
Manhatten skyline

NYC officials probe Legionnaires' cluster in Lennox Hill

One of the 7 cases, involving a nonagenarian, proved fatal.

Jun 14, 2017

News Scan for Jun 14, 2017

MERS cases in Saudi Arabia
South America flu rise
Chikungunya blip
Michigan Legionnaires' charges
Jun 08, 2017

News Scan for Jun 08, 2017

Polio in Syria
Health worker Ebola preparedness
Legionnaires' and water birth
Jun 06, 2017
shower head

CDC: Most healthcare-acquired Legionnaires' cases could be prevented

Poorly maintained water systems are typically to blame, and those in long-term care facilities are especially vulnerable.

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