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Feb 01, 2019

News Scan for Feb 01, 2019

Measles rise in Washington
Universal flu vaccine deal
Pasteurized milk listeriosis
Jan 29, 2019

News Scan for Jan 29, 2019

MERS in Oman, Saudi Arabia
Rapid flu test accuracy
Avian flu in 3 countries
Listeria tied to pork rolls
Takeda dengue vaccine trial
Jan 24, 2019

News Scan for Jan 24, 2019

Flu vaccine protection in Canada
Fluzone age expansion
Listeria tied to caramel apples
Avian flu in 3 nations
Dec 13, 2018

News Scan for Dec 13, 2018

Measles clusters in NY, NJ
New Saudi MERS case
Foodborne disease in Europe
Dengue vaccine collaboration
Nov 21, 2018

News Scan for Nov 21, 2018

Pork roll Listeria cluster
Thanksgiving with a side of norovirus
Saudi MERS case
Dengue case in Florida
Oct 04, 2018
Raw burger and ham

FSIS recalls beef, ham in Salmonella, Listeria outbreaks

Fifty-seven people have fallen ill with salmonellosis, while Listeria has caused 1 death.

Jul 06, 2018

News Scan for Jul 06, 2018

Polio in Afghanistan, Somalia
Pregnancy and flu
CDC reports more Cyclospora illnesses
Frozen veggie Listeria outbreak in Europe
Apr 26, 2018

News Scan for Apr 26, 2018

Modified FMD virus
MERS in Saudi Arabia
Midwest measles
Rotavirus patterns
Listeria and soft cheese
CWD not spread to monkeys
Apr 25, 2018

Food Outbreak Scan for Apr 25, 2018

Dozens more lettuce E coli cases
Listeria in South Africa
Apr 09, 2018

News Scan for Apr 09, 2018

MERS case in Saudi Arabia
Listeria tied to cantaloupes

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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