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Nov 03, 2015
Poultry packages

CDC: Multistate outbreaks show need for more food industry action

Multistate events are linked to 56% of outbreak deaths even though they make up just 3% of  outbreaks.

Oct 23, 2015

News Scan for Oct 23, 2015

Ancient bubonic plague
US flu still low
Soft-cheese Listeria kills 3
Cholera outbreaks
Polio in Afghanistan
Oct 13, 2015

News Scan for Oct 13, 2015

Saudi MERS case, Korea quarantine
Listeria in caramel apples
High-dose flu vaccine in elderly
Sep 18, 2015
Feta cheese

Listeria tied to soft cheese sickens 24, kills 1

The outbreak has hospitalized 21 people and led to a recall of soft cheeses from a California dairy.

Jun 10, 2015

Food Outbreak Scan for Jun 10, 2015

Salmonella in pets
Ice cream Listeria outbreak over
May 27, 2015

News Scan for May 27, 2015

Immune response to flu vaccine
Caramel apple Listeria source
Measles, rubella in Europe
Fast drug-resistance test
May 14, 2015
USDA poultry inspector checking chickens

Foodborne illness report shows successes, challenges

E coli and some Salmonella infections dropped, but Campylobacter and Vibrio cases increased.

May 14, 2015

Food Outbreak Scan for May 14, 2015

Swimming-related norovirus
Gecko-linked Salmonella outbreak
Blue Bell Listeria steps
May 07, 2015

News Scan for May 07, 2015

Listeria ice cream findings
H5N6 genetic analysis
Broad benefits of measles vaccine
Polio progress and problems
Drug abuse and hepatitis C
Apr 27, 2015

Food Safety Scan for Apr 27, 2015

More Ohio botulism cases
Bacteria in frozen shrimp

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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