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Mar 12, 2014

FDA shutters cheese facility in wake of Listeria findings

The FDA pulled the firm's food facility registration based on inspection findings.

Mar 05, 2014

News Scan for Mar 05, 2014

2 new Saudi MERS cases
Blood test for vCJD
Deadliest foodborne pathogens
Possible Marburg drug
H5N8 in South Korea
Feb 25, 2014

News Scan for Feb 25, 2014

Listeria-related recall
BSE in Germany
Feb 24, 2014

Food Safety Scan for Feb 24, 2014

Listeria outbreak in 2 states
FDA adulteration rule
Feb 19, 2014

News Scan for Feb 19, 2014

H5N1 case in Cambodia
Vaccinating without a cold chain
Zoonotic, foodborne agents in Europe
More polio funding
Sep 27, 2013

Food Safety Scan for Sep 27, 2013

Cantaloupe farmers arrested
Animal antibiotics data
Cholera in Mexico, Caribbean
Sep 05, 2013

Food Outbreak Scan for Sep 05, 2013

Cantaloupe Listeria findings
Waterborne disease outbreaks
Aug 22, 2013

Food Outbreak Scan for Aug 22, 2013

Cyclospora update
New case of cheese-linked Listeria
Jul 09, 2013

News Scan for Jul 09, 2013

Listeria in cheese samples
H7N9 candidate vaccines
Funds for measles fight
Risk of new cyclovirus
Jul 05, 2013

Tainted cheese linked to Listeria infections in 4 states

One dies and one miscarries after eating Wisconsin company's cheese.

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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