Mobilized colistin resistance gene

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Apr 18, 2018

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Apr 18, 2018

New colistin resistance gene
More MCR-1 in China
E coli in Iranian dairy products
Apr 03, 2018

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Apr 03, 2018

Global spread of MCR gene
CARB-X diagnostics funding
Antibiotics and kids' allergies
Mar 15, 2018

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Mar 15, 2018

MCR-4, MCR-5 in China
Award for blood infection test
Antibiotics and Staph biofilms
Mar 06, 2018

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Mar 06, 2018

MCR-1, CPE in Portugal
New CARB-X funding
Mar 05, 2018
Sepsis or bacteremia

Australian report shows rise in resistant E coli bacteremia

Fluoroquinolone resistance in hospital-onset E coli bacteremia rose markedly.

Mar 02, 2018
Drug-resistant Shigella

MCR-1-carrying Shigella found in China

The authors say that finding MCR-1 in Shigella flexneri from pig feces suggests it could be circulating on Chinese farms and beyond.

Feb 14, 2018

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Feb 14, 2018

MCR-1 in Italy, Hong Kong
Fast track for ESBL inhibitor
MDR-TB drug combo
Jan 11, 2018

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Jan 11, 2018

MCR-4 in humans
Antibiotics in early pregnancy
Nasal screen for MRSA pneumonia
Nov 20, 2017
DNA molecules

Study describes emergence, spread of MCR-1 gene

Isolates shared a background that took shape in 2006, when MCR-1 was first mobilized.

Nov 09, 2017

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Nov 09, 2017

Antibiotics and subsequent sepsis
MCR surveillance in California

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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