Mobilized colistin resistance gene

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Aug 15, 2018

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Aug 15, 2018

MCR-3 in English pigs
ESBL E coli in Europe
Jul 25, 2018

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Jul 25, 2018

Antibiotic resistance in leeches
Candida auris uptick
MCR-1 on hospital surfaces
Jul 18, 2018

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Jul 18, 2018

Best antibiotic practices for farms
Colistin resistance and MCR-1
Antibiotic persistence in goat's milk
May 25, 2018

News Scan for May 25, 2018

Nipah virus in India
Salmonella and kratom
New US pediatric flu death
MCR-1, MCR-3 in Korea
Polio in Nigeria
May 23, 2018

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for May 23, 2018

NDM plus MCR-1 in E coli
C diff and sharps containers
May 14, 2018
Free-range chickens

Chinese scientists find 2 MCR genes on same plasmid

Similar plasmids were found in a hospitalized patient and in hospital sewage.

Apr 30, 2018

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Apr 30, 2018

Stewardship in primary care
Variant MCR-3 gene
Resistant H pylori in Africa
Apr 18, 2018

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Apr 18, 2018

New colistin resistance gene
More MCR-1 in China
E coli in Iranian dairy products
Apr 03, 2018

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Apr 03, 2018

Global spread of MCR gene
CARB-X diagnostics funding
Antibiotics and kids' allergies
Mar 15, 2018

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Mar 15, 2018

MCR-4, MCR-5 in China
Award for blood infection test
Antibiotics and Staph biofilms

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

Belaynehe KM, Shin SW, Park KY, et al. Emergence of mcr-1 and mcr-3 variants coding for plasmid-mediated colistin resistance in Escherichia coli isolates from food-producing animals in South Korea. Int J Infect Dis 2018 (published online May 24)

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peptide-conjugated phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligomers restores sensitivity to polymyxin in Escherichia coli. mBio 2017 Nov 7;8(6):e01315-17

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