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Jul 17, 2017
infant vaccination

WHO: 1 in 10 infants received no vaccinations last year

Babies living in countries affected by conflict made up more than half of the total of unvaccinated group.

Jun 21, 2017

News Scan for Jun 21, 2017

Zika-dengue immunity findings
Saudi MERS case
Pertussis vaccine exemption
Ricin vaccine
Jun 01, 2017

News Scan for Jun 01, 2017

H7N9 in another China province
Pertussis vaccine and infants
Sapovirus outbreak variant
Apr 17, 2017

News Scan for Apr 17, 2017

More chikungunya
Pertussis in preemies
Emergency meningitis vaccination
CRISPR diagnostics
Apr 03, 2017
Prenatal visit

Study: Pertussis shot in pregnant moms protects newborns

The vaccine offers strong protection to infants, especially during the first 2 months of life.

Nov 02, 2016

News Scan for Nov 02, 2016

Zika's Facebook profile
Zika study protocols
Tdap safe in pregnancy
Sep 26, 2016

News Scan for Sep 26, 2016

Waning pertussis vaccine effect
'Handshake' drug stewardship
Chikungunya spike
E coli in beef
Yellow fever in Congo
Two-dose flu vaccination
Sep 14, 2016

News Scan for Sep 14, 2016

Multidrug-resistant CRE
Prenatal Tdap vaccine benefits
Poor results of malaria therapy
No Hajj health hitches
May 11, 2016

News Scan for May 11, 2016

Animal-antibiotic sales
H7N9 infections in China
Polio case in Nigeria
DTaP delays and pertussis
Apr 29, 2016

News Scan for Apr 29, 2016

Listeria in Dole facility
Flu retreat resumes
Wisconsin Elizabethkingia developments
Fecal transplant compatibility
Tdap vaccine effectiveness

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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