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Aug 10, 2017

News Scan for Aug 10, 2017

Zika birth defects
Fast antibiotic susceptibility test
Avian flu outbreaks
Lassa fever in Nigeria
Rotavirus vaccine effect
Aug 03, 2017

News Scan for Aug 03, 2017

Anthrax in wild animals
Novel botulism neurotoxin
Rotavirus vaccine effects
May 08, 2017

News Scan for May 08, 2017

Saudi MERS case
Resistance, stewardship in Asia Pacific
More chikungunya
New rotavirus vaccine
Apr 20, 2017

News Scan for Apr 20, 2017

New Saudi MERS case
Rotavirus vaccine effects
Mar 22, 2017

News Scan for Mar 22, 2017

Heat-stable rotavirus vaccine
Zika attack rates
US boosts Brazilian beef inspection
Oct 06, 2016

News Scan for Oct 06, 2016

HPV vaccine uptake
Mumps in Arkansas
Amish measles outbreak lessons
Global burden of disease
Aug 25, 2016

News Scan for Aug 25, 2016

Estimates of severe MERS
New FSMA guidance
TB rates in India
Intussusception and rotavirus vaccine
Jan 26, 2016

News Scan for Jan 26, 2016

More cucumber Salmonella
Rotavirus vaccine in Rwanda
Oct 09, 2015

News Scan for Oct 09, 2015

Effective rotavirus vaccines
Antibiotic stewardship for C diff
H5N6 in Laos
Cholera in Iraq
Jun 25, 2015

News Scan for Jun 25, 2015

Saudi MERS case
Pneumococcal vaccine timing
Waterborne outbreaks
Rotavirus vaccine and seizures

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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