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Oct 07, 2016

News Scan for Oct 07, 2016

Salmonella from live poultry
High-dose colistin
Vaccines in young kids
Ebola vaccine contract
Polio in Nigeria
Sep 15, 2016

Case-control study adds to Zika-microcephaly link

In other developments, industry reps raised concerns about the impact on businesses, as Flordia's local case total continued to rise.

Sep 24, 2015

News Scan for Sep 24, 2015

FDA lab safety hire
Global rubella progress
Traits of influenza B
May 27, 2015

News Scan for May 27, 2015

Immune response to flu vaccine
Caramel apple Listeria source
Measles, rubella in Europe
Fast drug-resistance test
Apr 29, 2015
Rubella vaccination

Americas declared first region to eliminate rubella

Officials announce that the Americas are the world's first region to officially eliminate rubella and congenital rubella syndrome.

Feb 02, 2015

News Scan for Feb 02, 2015

US, Canadian measles
MERS in Saudi Arabia, Qatar
More chikungunya cases
H7N9 in China
Caribbean cholera trends
MMR vaccine in adults
Jun 09, 2014

News Scan for Jun 09, 2014

More Saudi MERS cases
World Cup vaccine advice
Dec 05, 2013
Flight arrival board

US measles status unchanged, but vaccination gaps exist

Recent cases don't change the nation's status but can threaten health security, the CDC said.

Jul 09, 2013

News Scan for Jul 09, 2013

Listeria in cheese samples
H7N9 candidate vaccines
Funds for measles fight
Risk of new cyclovirus
Jun 19, 2013

News Scan for Jun 19, 2013

Foodborne illness in poor kids
HPV vaccine data
Missed fungal infections
New cyclovirus
CDC rubella alerts
Dengue in Laos
Measles in Syria

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