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Apr 17, 2018

Food Safety Scan for Apr 17, 2018

Food recall trends
Chlorine and foodborne bacteria
Apr 16, 2018
Three eggs

Salmonella outbreak prompts recall of 206 million eggs

The first large-scale egg recall since 2010 comes after 23 illnesses in 9 states.

Apr 09, 2018
Chicken salad croissant sandwich

CDC wraps up chicken salad Salmonella outbreak probe

The CDC reports 95 new cases, for a total of 265 in 8 states, but with more than 90% in Iowa.

Apr 06, 2018

Kratom-linked Salmonella outbreak sickens 45 more

In total, 132 cases in 32 states are tied to kratom, an herbal alternative to opioids.

Apr 03, 2018
kratom capsules

Tainted kratom prompts first mandatory FDA food product recall

The FDA took the step after the company refused to voluntarily recall its products in the wake of positive lab tests for Salmonella.

Mar 23, 2018
E coli testing

CDC says some FoodNet Salmonella infections rising

Illnesses from Salmonella Javiana, Thompson, and Infantis have risen about 50% in 10 years.

Mar 21, 2018
Petri dish with bacteria cultures

Dried coconut from 2 firms tied to Salmonella cases in 8 states

Three of 13 patients have been hospitalized, and recalled products include those from Natural Grocers and International Harvest, Inc.

Mar 20, 2018
Shredded coconut

Packaged coconut recalled amid multistate Salmonella outbreak

The CDC plans to post an announcement soon, which will include a recommendation that people not eat recalled Coconut Smiles Organic from Natural Grocers.

Mar 19, 2018

News Scan for Mar 19, 2018

MERS in Saudi Arabia and Oman
Yellow fever warnings
Kratom Salmonella outbreak expands
Polio in Afghanistan and DRC
Mar 13, 2018

News Scan for Mar 13, 2018

Salmonella turtle outbreak
Avian flu in 3 nations
Dengue and stroke
New anthrax vaccine

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