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Jan 13, 2016

Flu Scan for Jan 13, 2016

H5N1 case in China
More avian flu in France
Influenza strains in swine
Dec 29, 2015
Three little pigs

Study: Flu virus in pigs shows worrisome pandemic profile

An avian-like H1N1 virus that showed pandemic potential turned up often in Chinese swine.

Aug 21, 2015

News Scan for Aug 21, 2015

NY Legionella source
H5N6 in Vietnam
C diff virulence
Jamboree-linked meningococcal disease outbreak
Airborne spread of swine viruses
Aug 14, 2015

Flu Scan for Aug 14, 2015

Global AI outbreaks
Flu diversity in Latin American swine
Jul 31, 2015

News Scan for Jul 31, 2015

Cyclospora goes nationwide
Avian flu in Nigeria, UK
Flu in live-animal markets
CSL-Novartis deal
Jun 16, 2015

News Scan for Jun 16, 2015

Avian flu in Iowa, Nebraska
Flu uptick in Southern Hemisphere
Flu virus prevalence in pigs
Sep 16, 2014

Flu Scan for Sep 16, 2014

Novel H3N1 viruses in swine
H5N6 outbreak in Laos
Flu immunity
Jul 10, 2014

Flu Scan for Jul 10, 2014

UK flu vaccine effectiveness
China swine flu changes
May 08, 2014

Flu Scan for May 08, 2014

H7N9 market findings
H7N9 epidemiologic report
Influenza from animals
Sep 25, 2013
Pigs at fair

H3N2v outbreak profile details risks, pig exposures

Young kids and those with underlying conditions were at greatest risk for more severe infections.

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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Neira V, Rabinowitz P, Rendahl A, et al. Characterization of viral load, viability of persistence of influenza A virus in air and on surfaces in swine production facilities. PLoS One 2016 Jan 12;11(1):e0146616

Yang H, Chen Y, Qiao C, et al. Prevalence, genetics, and transmissibility in ferrets of Eurasian avian-like H1N1 swine influenza viruses. Proc Natl Acad Sci 2015 (published online Dec 28)

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