NEWS SCAN: Jakarta poultry enforcement, waterfowl avian flu survey, animal feed Salmonella guidance

Aug 2, 2010

Cullers enforce Jakarta's residential poultry ban
Animal health officials in East Jakarta have culled 1,309 backyard birds so far this year as they enforce a ban on such birds in residential areas that was instituted to slow the spread of H5N1 avian influenza, Berita Jakarta, a Jakarta provincial government news source, reported Jul 30. Officials are also dismantling or destroying the poultry cages they find near residential areas. The ban prohibits Jakarta residents from raising poultry within 25 meters (82 feet) of residential areas.
Jul 30 Berita Jakarta story

Researchers document flu subtypes in Texas Gulf Coast waterfowl
A study on influenza A in hunter-harvested waterfowl on the Gulf Coast of Texas over three consecutive hunting seasons found evidence of the virus in 8.5% of 5,363 samples, according to a report from Texas researchers in Emerging Infectious Diseases. Virus isolation found 134 influenza A viruses, including H1–H7, H10, H11, and N1–N9 subtypes. They isolated the low-pathogenic H7 subtype during January, September, and November of 2007 and in January 2008. The group isolated the low-pathogenic H5 subtype in November and December of 2007. They concluded that the survey helps characterize avian flu circulation in a previously understudied waterfowl wintering area and documents that the virus subtypes are present in migratory waterfowl that are near commercial poultry operations.
Aug Emerg Infect Dis study

FDA releases draft guidance on Salmonella in animal feed
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today issued a draft compliance guide for controlling Salmonella in animal feed. It is asking interested individuals to submit written comments on the proposal by Nov 1, 2010. The finalized draft will guide FDA policies related to animal feed or feed ingredient, such as pet food or pet treats, that are contaminated with Salmonella and come in direct contact with humans.
Aug 2 FDA press release

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