NEWS SCAN: Raw milk outbreak, response to Europe's EHEC outbreak, measles in Indiana, Vietnam's H5N1 vaccine

Feb 16, 2012

Raw milk Campylobacter outbreak rises to 77 cases
The Pennsylvania Department of Health (PDH) said today that the number of patients sickened in a multistate Campylobacter outbreak from raw milk produced by The Family Cow diary has risen to 77. Holli Senior, a spokeswoman for the PDH, told CIDRAP News in an e-mail that the new total represents an increase of 12, including 11 patients from Pennsylvania and 1 from Maryland. She said the PDH hasn't seen any new changes in the onset dates, which range from Jan 17 to Feb 1. Patient ages range from 2 to 74, and 34% of the sick patients are younger than 18.
Feb 13 CIDRAP News Scan "Raw milk Campylobacter outbreak grows to 65 cases"

Scientists recommend steps after Europe's 2011 sprout-related E coli outbreak
Europe needs to improve diagnostic, surveillance, and tracing methodology for foodborne outbreaks, according to an international workshop convened to assess response to the large 2011 outbreak of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) cases linked to fenugreek sprouts and centered in Germany. The summary of a workshop last November organized by Germany's Robert Koch Institute appeared today in Eurosurveillance. More than 100 experts attended the meeting, which included working groups in four areas: (1) clinical issues, (2) epidemiology, prevention, and burden of disease, (3) microbiology and pathogenesis, and (4) food safety and zoonotic and environmental aspects. The scientists identified several needs going forward, including improved diagnostic methods and a need to integrate molecular typing into routine surveillance; deeper understanding of the disease's pathology; clinical course and treatment options; better use of systematic food-tracing data; and improved study of pathogen evolution. They also urged adequate funding. The EHEC O104:H4 outbreak involved more than 4,000 cases and 50 deaths.
Feb 16 Eurosurveillance report

Two Indiana schools bar nonimmunized students during measles outbreak
As a measles outbreak in Indiana reached 13 confirmed cases, students from two schools in Hamilton County who are not immunized against the highly contagious disease will be barred until further notice, according to an Indy Star article today. School officials said yesterday that students at White River Elementary and Noblesville Intermediate School without state-required measles vaccination won't be allowed to attend school. Noblesville also canceled evening activities in an effort to curb disease spread. All outbreak cases have been in Hamilton or Boone counties, according to a news release from the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) yesterday. Two of the patients had attended activities at the Super Bowl Village in Indianapolis for about 7 hours on Feb 3.
Feb 16 Indy Star article
Feb 15 ISDH news release

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