FOOD OUTBREAK SCAN: Live-chick, mango Salmonella outbreaks over; more Listeria cheese cases

Oct 12, 2012

CDC issues final updates on two Salmonella outbreaks linked to live poultry
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced today in separate updates that two Salmonella outbreaks linked to mail-order live poultry appear to be over. In the first outbreak, 93 people in 23 states and Puerto Rico contracted Salmonella Montevideo traced to contact with live baby poultry from Estes Hatchery in Springfield, Mo. Of those, 21 were hospitalized. One of the patients died, but the CDC said salmonellosis was not a contributing factor. Thirty-eight percent of case-patients were children 10 years old or younger. Illness-onset dates ranged from Feb 28 to Sep 15. In its previous outbreak update, on Jul 31, the CDC reported 76 cases.
Oct 12 CDC update on Salmonella Montevideo
The second outbreak, of Salmonella Hadar, affected 46 people in 11 states, of whom 13 were hospitalized but none died. The outbreak was traced to an unnamed Idaho hatchery, and 30% of patients were 10 years old or younger. Illness-onset dates ranged from Mar 6 to Aug 12. In both updates the CDC reminded mail-order hatcheries, agricultural feed stores, and other outlets that sell live poultry to provide health-related information to customers, including material on the risk of contracting salmonellosis.
Oct 12 CDC update on Salmonella Hadar

CDC calls mango Salmonella outbreaks over
The CDC yesterday said concurrent outbreaks of two different Salmonella strains linked to contaminated mangoes appear to be over after sickening at least 143 people in 16 states. The Salmonella Braenderup outbreak affected 127 people in 15 states, and 33 required hospitalization. Illness-onset dates ranged from Jul 3 to Sep 1. Because of this outbreak, the Food and Drug Administration on Sep 13 blocked Agricola Daniella mangoes from Sinaloa, Mexico, from entering the United States until the importer can show the fruit is not contaminated. The second outbreak involved 16 cases of Salmonella Worthington infections in three states. Of 9 patients interviewed, 8 reported eating mangoes before becoming ill. Illness-onset dates were from Jul 19 to Sep 12. Also, one patient was co-infected with both strains, "a finding that suggests a possible connection between the two outbreaks," the CDC said.
Oct 11 CDC update

Ricotta-cheese Listeria outbreak climbs to 20 cases
The multistate outbreak of listeriosis tied to ricotta cheese has grown by 2 cases to 20 and by one death to four, the CDC reported today. The two new cases, including one fatality, were in California, the agency said in an update on the outbreak, which involves 12 states and the District of Columbia. Nineteen of the 20 patients have been hospitalized. Of the four deaths, Listeria infection contributed to "at least two," the CDC reported, adding that one stillbirth has also been attributed to the outbreak. On Sep 10 Forever Cheese Inc. of Long Island City, N.Y., issued a recall of its Frescolina Marte brand ricotta salata cheese. On Sep 14 the company expanded the recall and issued a market withdrawal of all cheeses it had imported from Frescolina Marte of Italy.
Oct 12 CDC update

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