Food Outbreak Scan for Aug 22, 2014

Salmonella and nut butter
Bearded dragon Salmonella outbreak over

Four salmonellosis cases tied to recalled nut butter

Four illnesses in four states have been confirmed in a Salmonella outbreak likely associated with recalled nut butter, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in an update yesterday.

Connecticut, Iowa, Tennessee, and Texas have each reported one case, the CDC said. Illness-onset dates ranged from Jan 22 to May 16, and patients' ages vary from 3 to 83 years, with a median of 36. One patient required hospitalization.

"Collaborative investigation efforts of state, local, and federal public health and regulatory agencies indicate that almond and peanut butter manufactured by nSpired Natural Foods, Inc. is the likely source of this outbreak," the CDC said.

The Food and Drug Administration isolated the outbreak strain of Salmonella Braenderup from environmental samples collected from an nSpired Natural Foods facility during routine inspections in January and July. And on Aug 19 the company, of San Leandro, Calif., recalled certain lots of almond and peanut butter because of potential contamination.

The recalled brands include Arrowhead Mills, MaraNatha, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Safeway, and Kroger.
Aug 21 CDC update
Aug 20 CIDRAP News Scan on recall


Multistate Salmonella outbreak tied to bearded dragons called over

The CDC this week declared that a Salmonella outbreak linked to pet bearded dragons is over after affecting 166 people in 36 states. The numbers are up from 150 cases in 35 states reported in the previous CDC update, on Jun 12.

The outbreak involved two strains: Salmonella Cotham (160 cases) and Salmonella Kisarawe (6 cases). Illness-onset dates ranged from Feb 20, 2012, to Jun 30, 2014. Patients' ages ranged from less than 1 year to 79, with a median of 3 years; 59% of patients were 5 years old or younger. Thirty-seven percent of cases involved hospitalization.

Of 10 isolates collected from patients, 1 was resistant to ceftriaxone, an antibiotic used to treat serious Salmonella infections, the CDC said.

California had the most cases, with 27, followed by New York and Wisconsin with 12 each.

"Epidemiologic, laboratory, and traceback findings linked this outbreak of human Salmonella infections to contact with pet bearded dragons purchased from multiple stores in different states," the CDC said.

The agency added that, although the outbreak is likely over, Salmonella infections from contact with bearded dragons are expected to continue at low levels. It advised pet owners to wash their hands after touching the reptiles—which can carry the bacterium without appearing ill—or their environs.
Aug 20 CDC update

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