Five nations report more, varied avian flu outbreaks

Countries in different parts of the world reported more avian flu outbreaks involving different strains, from a recurrence of highly pathogenic H5N1 in India to the detection of H5N5 for the first time in Slovenia.

H5N1 in India

India's agriculture ministry today announced the new H5N1 outbreaks in a pair of reports to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). One described two events at farms in the western part of the country, one at a resort in Daman and the other a rescue center in Memnagar.

The outbreaks began on Dec 22 and Jan 2, respectively, killing 7 of 669 birds between the two locations. Authorities culled the remaining birds.

In a separate report, officials said H5N1 struck village birds in Orissa state in east central India, beginning on Jan 4 and resulting in the deaths of 11 of 1,657 birds. Orissa state had reported two H5N1 outbreaks involving crows about a month ago.

Suspected H5N8 in Russia, confirmed in Slovenia, Romania

Elsewhere, Russian authorities reported highly pathogenic H5 outbreaks—one at a zoo and one in backyard birds—in two reports to the OIE today.

The zoo outbreak started on Jan 3 in the city of Voronezh in far western Russia, killing four birds: a mute swan, a white stork, a grey parrot, and a Ural owl. The other event began on Jan 8, killing all but 1 of 80 chickens at a location in the Chechen Republic, also in far western Russia.

Meanwhile, Slovenia and Romania both reported more H5N8 detections. In Slovenia, authorities said a mute swan found dead on Jan 25 in a nature park in Koper in the southwestern part of the country tested positive for the virus.

Romania reported eight more outbreaks, six in whooper swans found dead in different nature parks, a swan found dead at a zoo in Sancraiu de Mures, and one in backyard poultry. The events began from Jan 18 to Jan 23, killing 33 of 93 birds.

H5N5 in Slovenia, H7N3 in Cambodia

In other developments, Slovenia became the latest country in Europe to report H5N5 avian flu, involving three dead swans found near the Krka River near the city of Brezice in the eastern part of the country close to its border with Croatia, according to a statement from the government translated and posted by Avian Flu Diary (AFD), an infectious disease news blog.

The detection follows recent H5N5 outbreaks in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Croatia, and Montenegro.

Cambodia's agriculture ministry today reported a low-pathogenic H7N3 outbreak in village birds in Kampong Thom province in the central part of the country, its first outbreak involving that strain, according to an OIE report today.

The outbreak started on Jan 12 after residents noticed that some ducks bought from Takeo province got sick after they were sent to the field after being raised at home. The virus killed 3,700 of 4,000 ducks.

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