The Osterholm Quotes

"Based on what we're seeing so far, this year will be a very different picture than last year . . . we fully expect to see many more cases in younger children and middle-aged adults."
"Obviously it's never too late to do these studies . . . but again it begs the question why they weren't done six or seven months ago."
"His impact on foodborne disease epidemiology will not stop because of his death."
"We have to be careful about assuming that this is just in camels. If camels can be infected then it's very likely that other domestic animals can be infected as well."
"A death in an 82-year-old is very different than in a healthy 21-year-old female who happened to be pregnant."
"It's early, premature deaths that we should be in a position of preventing. And this is what this pandemic pointed out — that this was not seasonal flu."
“I’m very high on hand washing. I just think the attributable prevention factor for flu has been oversold.”
"If the primary body fluid involved with transmitting [bat] coronaviruses to other animal species or humans is feces, the question becomes: How often is that likely to occur?"
"Influenza is virtually in a class by itself. Many other agents worked on within BSL-4 labs don’t have that transmissibility that we see with influenza."
"It's just a matter of time before one of the satellite [MERS] cases ends up in an area where surveillance and infection control are not like they are in Europe, and we have the potential of a large event somewhere else in the world."
"The fact that we have such incomplete information a year into this is just inexcusable."
"The epidemiology suggests unrecognized person-to-person cases."
"What I do know for certain, based on these studies, that if I get vaccinated now and major flu activity is in January or February, I may have no protection left."
"We all as a global public health community have a right to know what's being done to stop these ongoing transmissions because this could be in our lap tomorrow."
“This is not based on science, and it’s dangerous . . . it’s just quackery.”
"This thing should have been solved a month ago."
“This one is very solvable. This is one of the easy ones. . . . If this same number of cases had happened in Minnesota as happened in Iowa, this would have been solved weeks ago.”
"Those of us who have spent a lifetime in public health can see when an investigation is languishing and not finding answers, and it really does potentially pose risks to the public’s health."
"There is a lot of room in between 'don't worry' and 'on the brink of disaster.' "
"[A global MERS outbreak] may never happen. [But] it could happen tomorrow. It could happen this afternoon. And I think there's clearly enough data to support that."
"You have to take the pandemic potential with a great degree of seriousness."
"There is either an animal reservoir that is widespread and we are not aware of it, or there is substantial unrecognized human-to-human transmission of this virus. Either way, this is a problem."
"As long as it is around, it has every opportunity at the genetic roulette table to turn into something more dangerous."


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