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Feb 24, 2022

News Scan for Feb 24, 2022

Risk of Zika death in babies
Flu-associated antibiotic prescribing
High-path avian flu in Michigan flock
Tickborne encephalitis, cholera vaccine recs
Jun 14, 2021

News Scan for Jun 14, 2021

Afghan polio campaign
Ethiopia cholera vaccination
RSV rise in US South
Dec 19, 2019

News Scan for Dec 19, 2019

Three more Ebola cases
Hard-boiled egg Listeria outbreak
Anthrax antibiotic contract
Telework during flulike illness
Global cholera decline
Dec 10, 2019

News Scan for Dec 10, 2019

Spread of Lyme in US
Cholera vaccine campaign
Nov 11, 2019

News Scan for Nov 11, 2019

MERS in Saudi Arabia
Maternal flu vaccination benefits
Kids' flu vaccination factors
Infectious diseases in Africa
Oct 15, 2019

News Scan for Oct 15, 2019

Southern Hemisphere flu ebb
Cholera outbreaks in Africa
Philippines polio vaccine campaign
Oct 09, 2019

News Scan for Oct 09, 2019

Further US STD rise
Yellow fever in Nigeria
XDR typhoid in travelers
Sudan cholera outbreak
Oct 02, 2019

News Scan for Oct 02, 2019

MERS in Saudi Arabia
FDA review of kids' C diff treatment
Local dengue in Spain, France
Cholera vaccine campaign
Jun 24, 2019

News Scan for Jun 24, 2019

More US measles
Saudi MERS case
Somalia cholera vaccine drive
Jun 05, 2019

News Scan for Jun 05, 2019

Hospital superbugs in Tuscany
Universal flu vaccine trial
Cholera vaccine storage

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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