Since 2016, CIDRAP has been engaged in the development of R&D roadmaps for four priority pathogens (Ebola/Marburg, Lassa, Nipah, and Zika viruses) identified in the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) Research and Development (R&D) Blueprint for Action to Prevent Epidemics. These roadmaps are focused on R&D of medical countermeasures (diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines) for each of the priority pathogens.

At the outset of the WHO R&D Blueprint Initiative, pathogen-specific R&D roadmaps were considered an integral component of the program. In 2022, the WHO revised its strategy for epidemic/pandemic preparedness, with a renewed focus on entire classes of viruses or bacteria rather than individual pathogens. However, pathogen-specific roadmaps are still highly valuable to inform future directions and investments in preparedness for pathogens with epidemic potential.

CIDRAP’s work in this area includes the following:



  • Lassa and Nipah Virus: In 2023, CIDRAP, with funding from Wellcome, engaged expert working groups for Lassa fever and Nipah virus to update the 2019 versions of these two R&D roadmaps. The updates reflect recent literature and consensus opinion of the expert working groups. The updated 2024 roadmaps are available on the CIDRAP website: