Monkeypox on leg and hand of young girl

More nations report monkeypox; possible case in New York

At least 8 European countries and Canada, the US, and Australia have tallied cases.

Monkeypox virus under microscope

US tracks monkeypox case tied to recent Canadian travel

As cases climb in several nations, an expert notes, "We are much more susceptible to poxviruses."

Young girl getting vaccinated

CDC recommends Pfizer COVID boosters for kids ages 5 to 11

The recommendation passed with 11 yes votes, 1 no vote, and 1 abstention.

Baby after c-section birth

Study: Pre-caesarean antibiotics don't raise kids' risk of asthma, eczema

Allergic conditions were not elevated in preschoolers.

Monkeypox rash on palm of hands

UK, Spain, Portugal report more monkeypox cases

UK cases grow to 9, while Spain reports 23 suspected cases and Portugal 5 confirmed, 15 suspected.

Hand holding a rapid COVID-19 test

As US battles COVID rise, officials press for resources for next surge

Officials say funds are needed to get vaccines and treatments ready for potential fall and winter activity.


University of Minnesota, Mayo building aerial view

Apr 26 2022
The CIDRAP has received grants from The Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to create a Coronavirus Vaccines Research and Development (R&D) Roadmap aimed at developing broadly protective vaccines against betacoronaviruses.

Apr 13 2022
The CIDRAP-ASP team has launched a communication toolkit for antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The toolkit equips doctors and patients with key facts in an accessible format, giving them the resources to raise AMR awareness in their communities.

Mar 25 2022
Commentary in Foreign Affairs, by Director Michael Osterholm, PhD, MPH, and coauthor Mark Olshaker on how the US and Europe need to be prepared for Russian biological or chemical attacks, as the war in Ukraine continues to escalate.

Jan 23 2022
In Foreign Affairs, Director Michael Osterholm, PhD, MPH, and coauthor Mark Olshaker lay out the many uncertainties ahead of us, the messiness of science evolving in real-time, and the importance of vaccination.

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The Osterholm Quote

"Should the FDA approve the [COVID] vaccine for younger than age 5, the data we have right now suggests that [parents are] going to wait. It is still a huge challenge in terms of getting our kids vaccinated. Converting a vaccine into a vaccination is really difficult in this age group."