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The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP; "SID-wrap") is a global leader in addressing public health preparedness and emerging infectious disease response. Founded in 2001, CIDRAP is part of the Research and Innovation Office at the University of Minnesota.

CIDRAP works to prevent illness and death from targeted infectious disease threats through research and the translation of scientific information into real-world, practical applications, policies, and solutions. 


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What We Do

Consensus Building

Convening experts to assess problems, analyze available information, and develop effective public policy recommendations and guidance. Consulting with and catalyzing policy makers, business leaders, and the medical and public health communities to act.


Conducting and facilitating targeted research on the detection, epidemiology, ecology, and transmission of infectious diseases, as well as on policies and practices that advance effective public health responses.

Information Synthesis

Conducting critical review and analysis of available scientific and public policy information on selected topics and generating authoritative, accurate, and current web-based content.


Making current information widely available to educate and inform healthcare providers, public health professionals, business leaders, students, opinion leaders, policymakers, the media, and others across the nation and around the world.

Interdisciplinary Partnerships

Working collaboratively with a wide range of public health, environmental, veterinary, and medical researchers and experts, as well as philanthropic groups and foundations, throughout the world to develop and support new initiatives.

Education & Training

Providing education and training opportunities (such as classroom teaching, mentorship, workshops, online training, and exercises) targeted to a wide range of audiences, including CIDRAP staff, university students at all levels, and professionals in public or private sectors domestically and internationally.

Medical illustration of drug-resistant, Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria, Photo by CDC on Unsplash.

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Our Guiding Principles


CIDRAP as an organization:

  1. Is committed to advancing the field and practice of public health. CIDRAP functions as an essential resource to public health professionals and other targeted groups. We do this by generating practical information, serving as a clearinghouse for infectious disease content, providing teaching and training opportunities, and sharing our professional expertise.
  2. Strives to foster a flexible, collaborative, and balanced work environment that promotes innovation, provides mentorship, and brings out the best in our diverse workforce.
  3. Provides key leadership in identifying and addressing emerging issues and gaps in public health policy and preparedness. This leadership role includes advocating effective solutions to pressing public health problems.
  4. Seeks out cross-disciplinary partnerships that strengthen public health capacity and build new leadership in the field of infectious disease prevention and preparedness.
  5. Leverages its expertise at Web-based publishing to identify and reach targeted audiences for maximum public health benefit. CIDRAP is committed to disseminating information that is current, authoritative, relevant, and quickly transmitted.
  6. Values being a part of the University of Minnesota system and pursues meaningful opportunities to contribute to the university community.
  7. Dedicates resources to enhancing student and workforce capabilities through teaching, mentorship, training, and convening information-sharing forums targeted to a wide range of audiences.
  8. Embodies an entrepreneurial approach that allows us to respond rapidly and creatively to an ever-changing infectious disease landscape.