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CIDRAP is tracking and analyzing the rapidly evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The CIDRAP COVID-19 Resource Center provides a deep well of information for public health experts, business preparedness leaders, government officials, and the public.


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Orthopedic surgery team

US hospitals took huge, unequal financial hit during COVID, studies show

Most federal relief funds went to the already best-resourced facilities, one study finds.


Red covid

New COVID variant alarms researchers, triggers travel bans

Amid uncertainty about the meaning of the changes, intensive efforts are underway to gauge how the they might impact tests, treatments, and vaccine efficacy.

Exhausted healthcare worker

Emotional toll of COVID-19 on health workers is vast, varied

The researchers call some types of emotional distress experienced by healthcare workers "moral injury."

Women wearing masks in Copenhagen

Another COVID-19 warning for Europe as Slovakia announces lockdown

"While Europe is again the epicenter of the pandemic, no country or region is out of the woods."

Clinking wine glasses at Thanksgiving

Pre-pandemic travel numbers return to US as cases climb

The number of people flying in the US is double what it was for the same time last year.