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CIDRAP is tracking and analyzing the rapidly evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The CIDRAP COVID-19 Resource Center provides a deep well of information for public health experts, business preparedness leaders, government officials, and the public.


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Girl getting MRI

Some kids, teens have long-term lung damage after COVID-19

MRI reveals lung damage in children who either had COVID-19 up to a year earlier or who have long COVID.


Older man tired after workout

Older patients more likely to report long-COVID symptoms

People older than 65 were more likely to have symptoms and abnormal chest imaging and lung function.

COVID-19 Scan for Oct 03, 2022

COVID-19 rebound not unique to Paxlovid
COVID-related health worker burnout
SARS-CoV-2 virus COVID-19

COVID-19 continues upward trend in Europe

In the past, increasing cases in Europe have come ahead of similar rises in other regions.

Pushing gurney in hospital hallway

COVID study spotlights unsafe wait times for hospital beds

Inundated US hospitals held emergency-room patients in places like hallways for a median of 6.6 hours.