Julie Ostrowsky, MSc


Ms. Ostrowsky is a research scientist at CIDRAP, focusing most recently on next-generation influenza vaccine R&D for the Influenza Vaccines Roadmap Initiative and the Universal Influenza Vaccine Technology Landscape project. She has also contributed to CIDRAP’s R&D roadmap for broadly protective coronavirus vaccines and the WHO R&D roadmaps for Ebola/Marburg, Lassa fever, Nipah, and Zika medical countermeasures.   

Before joining CIDRAP, Ms. Ostrowsky worked as a health policy analyst for 11 years at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment (OTA), Washington DC. She earned an MSc (Honors) in Biology from McGill University. Her master’s research focused on the human genetics, epidemiology, and economics of beta thalassemia prevention in Quebec.

Julie Ostrowsky, Mac